The luxurious DITA sunglasses designs are edgy and have bold and memorable pieces that could find their place in anyone’s eyewear collection. “The less you reveal, the more people can wonder.” This quote has started to reflect DITA's collections as the seasons fly past. A true fashionista’s brand – DITA has been spotted on all of your favourite top fashion bloggers and A-list celebrities.

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  1. DITA Flight 006 DRX7806
    DITA Flight 006 DRX7806
  2. DITA Mach-One DRX2030
    DITA Mach-One DRX2030
  3. DITA Talon DRX23007
    DITA Talon DRX23007
  4. DITA Midnight Special DRX2010
    DITA Midnight Special DRX2010
  5. DITA Sequoia DRX2086
    DITA Sequoia DRX2086
  6. DITA Mach-Five DRX2087
    DITA Mach-Five DRX2087
  7. Dita Mach-Six DTS121
    Dita Mach-Six DTS121
  8. DITA Sunbird DRX21013
    DITA Sunbird DRX21013
  9. DITA Spacecraft DRX19017
    DITA Spacecraft DRX19017
  10. DITA Narcissus DTS503
    DITA Narcissus DTS503
  11. DITA Magnifique DRX22015
    DITA Magnifique DRX22015
  12. DITA Mach-Two DRX2031
    DITA Mach-Two DRX2031
  13. DITA Day Tripper DRX22031
    DITA Day Tripper DRX22031
  14. DITA Grand-Evo Two DTS139
    DITA Grand-Evo Two DTS139
  15. Dita Rikton Type 402 DTS117
    Dita Rikton Type 402 DTS117
  16. DITA Flight 008 DTS134
    DITA Flight 008 DTS134
  17. Dita Symeta-Type 403 DTS126
    Dita Symeta-Type 403 DTS126
  18. DITA System One DTS103
    DITA System One DTS103
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DITA - For Luxury Lovers

The name DITA inspires confidence, offers a picture of unadulterated luxury and makes all those who hear it tremble in awe at the opulence it gives naturally. With their craftsmen, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper dedicating as many as 50 years to developing and perfecting their skills, the brand – although fairly new with its 1996 launch, has managed to start on a much superior note to that of its peers.

Offering sunglasses for both men and women, DITA always manages to keep its fans entertained and awaiting the latest luxury eyewear collections. They have also managed to keep up with fans via social media in order to show them the best sunglass styles for them. You can use the hashtag #DITA or #DITAGIRL to be featured on the Dita eyewear social media profiles. Dita sunglasses have recently started to offer customised sunglasses for a more intimate experience with made-to-measure frames available in their Hong Kong and Singapore stores.

With the DITA Mach-One sunglasses, DITA Grandmaster-Five and DITA Magnifique sunglasses being among the most popular models from the brand, fashionistas are guaranteed to have the latest style in eyewear adorning their face. DITA sunglasses have managed to gain a cult celebrity following that includes Kendall Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie, who love the vintage-inspired frames.

Fashion Eyewear also offers the much-appreciated option of adding prescription lenses to your stunning DITA sunglasses frames. However, it is to be noted that the shape of some frames may not accommodate this, to find out more you can always contact us.