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  • Emporio Armani Glasses

    Young, sexy and modern this brand offers contemporary fashion with classic designs attracting trendsetters and fashionistas alike. If you like to experiment with colour, Emporio Armani is the right choice for you.

Emporio Armani

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Showing 1 - 18 of 48 items
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  • Emporio Armani Glasses Online | Emporio Armani Prescription Glasses

    About The Brand

    Emporio Armani is an internationally-recognised brand. It is one of the many brands under the Armani umbrella, and is one of the largest labels in its group alongside Giorgio Armani. The brand's identity is young, sexy and modern. Megan Fox, David Beckham and Rihanna have all once been the face and body of the brand label. Attracting trendsetters and fashionistas this brand offers contemporary fashion with classic designs.

    Emporio And Giorgio Armani

    The eyewear collection is a real treat for those who like to be fashionably different. If you like to experiment with colour, you’ve landed on the right page. Emporio has a wide range of colour, shapes and styles for you to choose from; whether you want a vintage purple cat eye frame, or a modern, sleek metal frame with minimal detail. If you’re not too brave with colour, there’s a wide choice of subtle colours for you to choose from such as brown, black, grey, havana, and olive green.

    Metal Or Plastic Frames?

    Are you torn apart a metal frame and a plastic frame? Despite what people think, all glasses (especially optical) need to be cleaned properly to keep them in good condition so choosing the right frame material is very important. If you want a frame material that is easy to main, hardly requires any cleaning apart from the lenses, you may want to opt for a metal frame. These choices compliment all skin complexions and eye colours.

    The adjustable nose pads also help your glasses to sit on your nose perfectly. If you want your frames to be as bright and as colourful as possible, or have interesting patterns/designs in the frame, plastic is the right choice for you. Acetate is the most common plastic used, some brands use Optyl plastic (a specially-formulated plastic lighter than acetate). Plastic is also the ideal choice for you if you have metal allergies, i.e. nickel allergy.

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