Tiffany Glasses

Tiffany Glasses

The next chapter of Tiffany Eyewear is here.Contemporary, elegant and daring, the new optical styles boldly reinvent the House’s signature jewelry collections.

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      44 products

      44 products

      Tiffany Glasses

      Not just about jewels - iconic label Tiffany’s has their own glasses line too. Discover lavish romantic and timeless designs complete with exquisite details. Enjoy everyday luxury with a pair of their stunning glasses.

      Tiffany prescription glasses

      Browse through classic and contemporary designs with unmistakable touches of glamour. Discover sleek and minimal frames to soft, feminine cat eye models. Versatile and easy-to-wear, these glasses will instantly elevate your everyday (and every evening) look. After a pair of Tiffany sunglasses to pair with your daily frames? We’ve got those too - including prescription sunglasses options.

      The Tiffany glasses frames collection

      These frames are pure luxury. Find frames made using premium acetate, gold, silver, and diamonds, as well as other precious gems. Keep an eye out for iconic Tiffany charm symbols such as the lock, key and heart across the designs. Spot these on temples, hinges, and the arms. All models come in a glasses case in quintessential Tiffany blue.

      Why choose Tiffany glasses

      Heritage brand Tiffany’s was founded in the 1830s New York City, and is now a mainstay in luxury jewellery and accessories. And with a pair of Tiffany frames, you’re investing in timeless eyewear. Not only can you expect premium quality and expert craftsmanship, but glasses that are an extension of your jewellery cabinet.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Your Tiffany glasses will last a long time with the right amount of care. We recommend cleaning them on a regular basis. Use gentle soap and lukewarm water, or your favourite glasses cleaner. When it comes to drying and removing smudges, opt for a microfibre cloth. Other fabric cloths (as well as the corner of your shirt) have fibres that are a bit-too harsh and might cause scratches. And remember, whenever you’re not wearing your glasses, keep them in that beautiful blue glasses case.