Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

The American brand describes itself as slightly bohemian and a little bit off-colour. Channelling the independent spirit, the Marc Jacobs sunglasses designs are current and risqué, aimed at the fashion trendsetters, not the followers.

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      29 products

      Marc Jacobs Sunglasses

      Balance versatility and fun with a pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses. Combining vintage aesthetics with fashion-forward design, these sunglasses are perfect for fashion-lovers, and those looking for something a little bit different to wear when it’s sunny outside.

      The Marc Jacobs sunglasses collection

      Established in mid ‘80s NYC by its namesake designer, fashion label Marc Jacobs is known for its playful takes on sophisticated design. It’s all about celebrating individuality and creativity. This ethos translates over to the sunglasses collection, you’ll spot nods to vintage-style shapes and refined takes on glamour. Get ready to stand out with a pair of these fashion-forward frames. Our Marc Jacobs sunnies are available with prescription lenses too.

      Why choose Marc Jacobs sunglasses

      Marc Jacobs is characterised by trendsetting quirky designs, and the label’s sunglasses collection is no exception to the rule. These styles do not miss a beat with the creative and fun aesthetics, but still remain easy-to-wear. Made with impeccable attention to detail, this is glamorous eyewear that’ll have you feeling great. And as you’d expect, Marc Jacobs sunglasses are made with high quality materials to high quality standards.

      How to take care of your sunglasses

      Prolong the lifespan of your Marc Jacobs sunglasses with regular care. Keep the frames and lenses clean with lukewarm water, gentle soap, or your go-to lens cleaning solution. When drying them afterwards, we recommend using a soft, microfibre cloth. Remember to pick them up by both arms, and try your best to keep your fingers off the lenses. And lastly, keep your Marc Jacobs frames in their case when you’re not wearing them. This will keep them protected from accidental knocks, tumbles, and drops.

      Buy Marc Jacobs sunglasses online

      Find your perfect pair of Marc Jacobs sunglasses here. Whether you’re planning your next holiday to somewhere sunny, or preparing for the summer ahead, these designs are guaranteed to make a style statement. Looking for a pair of everyday frames to match? Browse through our Marc Jacobs glasses online.