Carrera Glasses

Carrera Glasses

With racing at the heart of the brand, Carrera is designing eyewear to fit the needs of people living in the fast lane of life. Drawing inspiration from a heritage of sports and fashion, Carrera glasses are created using four key design principles.

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      65 products

      65 products

      Carrera Glasses

      For those living life in the fast line, opt for a pair of Carrera glasses. These sporty styles come from a heritage of forward-thinking innovation and cutting-edge design, and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

      Carrera prescription glasses

      Modern and classic, Carrera prescription glasses are versatile and easy-to-wear. Get ready to take on the day with a stylish pair of frames that have been purposefully designed with comfort in mind.

      The Carrera glasses frames collection

      Find a wide range of styles and colours in our Carrera glasses frame collection. Keep an eye out for the brand’s most recognisable models - the iconic Champion, the trendy Endurance, and the vintage-esque Carrera1. The brand is frequently re-inventing new takes on their classic styles too.

      Why choose Carrera glasses

      Italian brand Carrera has been developing racing accessories, googles, and sports eyewear since the 1950s - inspired by the yearly ‘Carrera Panamericana’ race in Mexico. As such, technology and innovation have been at the heart of their products. These principles are still at the core of their developments today. Expect high-quality, durable, and comfortable glasses that you’ll reach for again and again.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Take care of your Carrera glasses, and they’ll last stay in great condition for a long time. We recommend regular cleaning with gentle soap and lukewarm water. You’ll want to opt for a cleaning solution without any harsh chemicals. Otherwise, your lenses may warp and get damaged. Pay particularly close attention to the rims, hinges and nose bridges - basically, anywhere that can trap dirt. For cleaning your glasses on the go, a lens cleaning solution in a spray bottle is a practical option that you can keep in your bag. Remove smudges and marks with a soft microfibre cloth. And lastly, keep your Carrera glasses in their case when not worn. This is an easy way to protect them from dust, as well as accidental drops, knocks, and bumps.