Nike Glasses

Nike Glasses

A titan of sportswear, Nike has utilised the premier athletes such as Tiger Woods to help design their incredible range of eyewear. The Nike collection features technology from across their whole product range to produce the best performing frames such as the same grip patterns on their sunglasses temples as their trainers for maximum grip. Nike will make the perfect frame for any athlete.

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      56 products

      56 products

      Nike Glasses

      Whether you’re an athlete or love the sporty aesthetic - Nike glasses are a winner for active eyewear design.

      Nike prescription glasses

      Not just for sports stars, Nike eyewear is perfect for people with active and busy lifestyles.Find modern and trendy styles across Nike prescription glasses. Discover smooth and sleek to angular and striking designs, ideal for everyday wear. Keep an eye out for the Nike swoosh logo as the seal of approval.

      The Nike glasses frames collection

      Along with prescription lenses, you’ll also find sports glasses in our Nike glasses frames collection. Their products are not only comfortable for all day use, but are also tough and durable, ready to take on the rigours of people’s active life.

      Why choose Nike glasses

      A titan of sportswear, Nike is renowned for its quality and innovation in sportswear. This extends to its eyewear collection. In fact, it features technology from across their whole product range. For example, the same grip patterns on their sunglasses temples can be found in their trainers.

      This results in high-performing frames that you can rely on.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Your Nike glasses will last you a long time with a good care regime. We recommend starting this with regular cleaning, especially if you’re wearing them a lot. Use gentle soap and lukewarm water, and get into the nooks and corners where dirt and bacteria can collect Think rims, hinges, and the nose bridge. If you’re on the go and need a refresh, lens cleaning solution in a spray bottle is a great option. Other chemical cleaners are often too astringent, and could end up warping your lenses and removing any specialist coatings. Have smudges and/or marks appeared on your lenses? These can be easily gently buffed off with a microfibre cloth. This is a lot softer than other textiles, so shouldn’t cause any accidental scratches to appear. This means forgoing the temptation to use the edge of your shirt to wipe them. Finally, keep your Nike frames in their case whenever you’re not using them. This will protect them from dust and potential damage, as well as making them a little easier to find!