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Oliver Peoples NDG OV5031 Review

Oliver Peoples NDG OV5031 Review

Vintage and retro style is currently taking the fashion world by storm. Everyone wants an original and authentic item. Designers are always looking into the past for inspiration but adding their own vision and modern features to satisfy customers of today. Vintage looking glasses need to be made of the highest quality so that they last long. Oliver Peoples collaborated with the company NDG ‘Nom de Guerre’, a high-end fashion label, to design a specific pair of vintage-looking glasses. They wanted to create a pair of frames taking inspiration from New York Art, fashion and culture.

Oliver Peoples NDG OV5013 has that vintage-inspired look. It is a popular model as it has that geek chic trend. It imitates the classic and iconic glasses worn by Hollywood stars such as Buddy Holly and Woody Allen. The Oliver Peoples brand is famous for designing glasses with a retro feel but made with the finest materials and care so that they are perfect for you. All of the materials are imported from Italy and the glasses are handcrafted in Japan.

Larry Leight, the founder of the Oliver Peoples brand, opened the first boutique store in 1986 in Hollywood and it was only natural that the frames were inspired by Hollywood icons and appeal to so many high-profile celebrities. The brand celebrates 25 years of success and their biggest fan base comes from their native home of LA. The NDG is unisex but very popular with men. The model sells so well that they come in different vintage-inspired colours and also as sunglasses.

The OV5031 is made from polished acetate and is slender and sleek. There is silver pin hinge detailing on the front and arms. The style of lenses is bigger than ordinary frames but is light in weight. There is a filigree core-wire feature on the interior of the arms of the glasses which is visible on the exterior if you look closely and in some lights. The brand does not put a logo on the front or arms of their spectacles. The brand’s plaque is at the temple end which shows its authenticity and looks stylish. The subtle plaque is more for the wearer as it is not obviously noticeable by others. The brand is so elite that they do not need to advertise they would rather you find them. Only those who are true fans of the brand will recognize you are wearing one of their designs.

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