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Chanel 5247 Sunglasses Review

Chanel 5247In 1983, fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld became Creative Director at Chanel and still is to this present day. The French fashion house was founded in 1921 where Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel began designing and created the label. Almost a century on, the brand is one of the most popular and most successful designer label to exist. Chanel exudes class, elegance and wealth and is known across the world for its luxury designs. The brand launched their eyewear in 1995, which was highly anticipated and instantly successful.

Chanel 5247

The Chanel 5247 sunglasses is a rectangular pair of glasses that has a small shape in comparison to the oversized or exaggerated sunglasses you normally see. This CH5247means they have the perfect fit and allows the wearer’s face to be seen, accentuating their facial features, rather than having the wearer hide behind glasses. These frames are very light in weight and comfortable to wear. The polished acetate material is durable and so light that the wearer can hardly feel them when worn.

The CH5247 uses one of the brand’s signature features, the camellia flower, on the temple arms. These sunglasses are made for the elegant lady with a contemporary touch. It is said that Gabrielle Chanel’s favourite flower was the camellia and she used the flower in some of her designs. This design has the emblem embossed on the arms in a modern geometric style. The graphic petals show a blend of round and evenness of the petals with a classic look. In Japan the camellia flower means excellence without pretension which is exactly what these glasses and the brand embodies.

Chanel 5247 SunglassesThe Chanel 5247 eyewear is not too bold and is simple in design which is why it is so successful. There is a metal hinge to connect the arms and frame. The Chanel signature is lightly engraved next to the flower to finish off the frames and also shows its authenticity. Lagerfeld continues the Chanel legacy of simplicity and grace in the eyewear collection and using the iconic flower is reminiscent of Chanel herself.