Features of Crizal Prevencia:

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This covers everyday use from distance, driving to reading or occupational. Similar to the Sapphire, this coating includes all elements and is the most advanced coating from Essilor with the added Blue-Violet Light Protection. As our eyes aren’t compatible with the technological age, adding the blue-violet light protection coating is a must if you spend a long period of time on a desktop, tablet, laptop or mobile phone. This filter can help with eye fatigue and strain.

Dust repellent - Clear vision and easy clean glasses.
Blue-Violet Light Protection - protects your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light transmitted by digital screens.
Smudge resistant - Repels annoying smudges.
Glare reduction - aesthetically please and improved visual clarity.
Scratch-resistant - ensures longevity and clear vision.
Water repellent - clear lenses in all weathers.
UV protection.
Robust lenses.
Lenses look invisible to others - aesthetic qualities.

Light is essential to our vision. Crizal Prevencia provides protection against harmful light made up of UV and Blue-violet light whilst preserving your overall well-being.

Crizal Prevencia provides smudge resistance, water resistance, scratch and dust protection so your lenses will be the most durable to withstand from everyday wear and tear.

Crizal Prevencia protects you from harmful UV and Blue-Violet light, by reducing Blue-Violet light exposure while using digital screens.

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