Burberry Glasses

Burberry Glasses

The British luxury fashion house is best known for their distinctive tartan pattern and iconic trench coats, and these signature icons are the inspiration behind the brand’s eyewear designs as well. Sophisticated and modern frames with a touch of British heritage, mostly rectangular shapes with butterfly and cat-eye elements – that’s Burberry eyewear in a nutshell.

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      61 products

      61 products

      Burberry Glasses

      London’s calling with our edit of Burberry glasses. Discover sophisticated and modern frames with a touch of British heritage. Inherently classic and polished, Burberry’s glasses collection will suit a wide range of tastes and personal aesthetics. Get inspired by their classic eyewear here.

      Burberry prescription glasses

      Sleek and timeless, our edit of Burberry prescription glasses will have you seeing the world in style. Putting a contemporary spin on traditional design, these frames are cool, considered, and very easy-to-wear. After a pair of Burberry sunglasses as well? Discover our edit online, complete with Burberry prescription sunglasses too.

      The Burberry glasses frames collection

      Known for their distinctive tartan and iconic trench coats, Burberry’s glasses frames collection takes inspiration from these signature designs. Find classic rectangular shapes, to designs with butterfly and cat-eye elements. Browse through fully rimmed, semi, and rimless frames. Keep an eye out for Burberry’s trademark double-check print, subtly incorporated into a number of their styles. Other design features to look out for include equestrian details, quilted textures, and D-ring accents on the arms.

      Why choose Burberry glasses

      One of the oldest fashion houses in the world, luxury fashion brand Burberry was founded in 1856. Burberry’s glasses line carries on its proud heritage of classic design paired with luxury quality. As such, you can rely on Burberry to deliver durable, premium eyewear made using the very best materials.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Prolong the lifespan of your Burberry glasses with a simple and easy care routine. Remember to keep your frames hygienic and bacteria-free with regular cleaning. Lukewarm water, gentle soap, and lens cleaner are perfect for the task. Avoid anything with harsh chemicals - this could cause an adverse reaction and damage your glasses. Dry your frames and keep lenses smudge-free with a microfibre cloth. And whenever you're not wearing them, remember to keep your Burberry frames in their case. This’ll protect them from dust, as well as any accidental knocks and bumps.