Designer Clip Ons

Designer Clip Ons

We have a range of designer frames you can choose from, from Tom Ford to Ray-Ban or Oliver Peoples, so you no longer have to carry around two pairs of prescription eyewear!


      Snap On Glasses Frames UK

      Go for two-in-one style with a pair of snap on glasses frames. Fusing modern design with practicality, this is a great option for people on-the-go and minimalists. Simply snap on over your frames, and you’re done.

      Snap on glasses frames

      Check out our range of snap on glasses frames here. An alternative to prescription sunglasses, clip-on glasses combine prescription and tinted lenses in a single frame. You can layer up your prescription lenses with sunglass protection in just a couple of clicks. Ideal for when you’re going from bright to darker settings. Changing up your lenses is easy - all you need is to clip your tinted lenses over your prescription and viola! A completely different look in a matter of seconds, with the visual clarity you need.

      Our clip on prescription glasses collection

      Discover our clip-on prescription glasses collection, complete with stylish designer options. Explore different types of frames and lenses that cover a range of personal styles, budgets, and more. Want to compare and contrast these to designer glasses and sunglasses? Check these edits out on our site, and see what you think.

      Are clip on glasses safe?

      Absolutely! These clip on glasses have been purposefully designed to be safe and secure. The frames include small magnets that hold the clip-ons firmly in place. So not only are they easy to use, but there’s no worries that your lenses will become loose.

      How to measure for your designer clip ons

      Measuring for clip-on glasses requires only one more step than if you were doing the same for a classic pair of frames. You’ll want to ensure that the clip-ons are the same size of the lenses of your frames, if not a little bigger. If not, your snap-on lenses may not give your eyes the amount of sun protection they need. The dimensions may look a little off too.

      Another word of caution! Double check that you’ve got the correct clip-ons by double-checking the product code. Once done, add your prescription lenses and you’re good to go.