The Oakley Prizm is a revolutionary lens technology grounded in decades of research to engineer fine-tuned vision and optimise contrast. This lens was developed from the understanding of the human eye and how the brain functions in conjunction with the eye to create the perception of colour. These lenses are available with a prescription to give athletes and consumers a true Oakley authentic advantage.

Oakley Stealth Technology

Oakley® Authentic prescription lenses are available with two high-quality treatments: OAKLEY® STEALTH™ and STEALTH™ BLUE.OAKLEY® STEALTH™ is an anti-reflective coating on the interior and exterior surface of the lens that helps provide: Glare Reduction, while also repelling smudges, body oils,water and dust to help your lenses stay cleaner longer. STEALTH™ BLUE is an additional treatment designed for BLUE-LIGHT EXPOSURE REDUCTION.

Oakley PRIZM Lenses

Prizm™ is a revolutionary Oakley® lens technology designed to ENHANCE COLOR AND CONTRAST so you can SEE MORE DETAILS. A variety of Oakley® PRIZM™ EVERYDAY and Oakley® PRIZM™ SPORT lenses are available with prescription - giving athletes and consumers a true Oakley® authentic advantage

Prizm Gaming

Oakley Prizm™ Gaming lenses are uniquely designed to give the user the best gaming experience. It does this by enhancing visual contrast to define the colour you need to see. It comes with in-built blue light-filtering technology which gives the lens a yellow tinge/tint. In comparison to current Gaming Lenses, nothing comes close to Oakley Prizm™ Gaming lenses, current Gaming Lenses have a strong orange appearance but this has been reduced by Oakley engineers. To purchase this lens, choose your favourite Oakley frame, select the Oakley Authentic prescription lenses and then pick the "Oakley Prizm Gaming Lens" option.