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Varilux X Series

The most advanced Essilor Varifocal Lens designed to dramatically reduce the need for head movement and deliver sharp continuous vision across all zones. This lens is our most recommended varifocal lens to keep up with your everyday needs, the X series is easily adaptable, especially if you are new to varifocals. With the X series you will see through the most advanced optical technologies; Xtend, Nanoptix and Synchroneyes.

True vision - feel safe no matter where you walk.
Easy to wear - quickly adapt to your new frames.
Large reading area to capture all close-up information.
Smooth visual adjustments.
See clearly with just a gaze - you don’t have to move your full head to focus.
Sharp vision - reduced image distortions across all vision zones.


The Varilux X Series lenses are designed to dramatically reduce unnecessary head movement, you can see through any part of these lenses so you won't miss a detail.

The best Varifocal lenses for sharp, fluid vision. See near, far and in between in the best quality.

The Varilux X series is more precise than ever. AVA, Advanced Vision Accuracy technologically are integrated into new lenses so you can see the finer details to your full potential.

A combination of breakthrough technology has been used in the manufacturing of these lenses.

Dramatically reduces the amount of unnecessary head movement.

Reducing distortions when moving, you will never feel off-balance seeing through a Varilux X Series.

To make seeing every day that little bit easier. This varifocal has the maximum field of vision so you can see all the details.

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