Features of Essilor Crizal Easy UV

This coating will make your lenses the most durable and easy to clean with added scratch resistance and UV protection. A must for basic protection against everyday use.

UV Protection - protects your eyes from UVA and UVB rays.
Easy clean - ensures clear vision.
Durable lenses - scratch resistance will make your lenses last longer and more durable.
Reduce glare from digital screens to help eye strain.

Crizal Easy protects your eyes against UV light, which contributes to keeping your eyes healthy. The glare reduction properties provided by this coating will help with eye strain when watching television or using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Some added practical qualities that make our lives a little bit easier. Essilor Crizal Easy lives up to its name with repellent and resistant technologies from dust, smudges and water to make your lenses durable and stay clear.

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