Reading Glasses

Are you looking for a new pair of reading glasses?

At Fashion Eyewear we do not sell ready-made 'Ready Readers' instead give you the opportunity to fit any pair of designer eyewear with reading lenses in a range of diopters: +1:00, +1:50, +2:00, +2:50, +3:00, +3:50.

Simply find your frames, click on 'Buy with lenses' and select 'Reading' in the Choose your lense type section then picking what power you need.

We stock top designer brand from Burberry to Polo Ralph Lauren and a wide range of shapes and colours – purple, green, red, pink or more subtle tones of brown, black or transparent – so there’s a frame you are bound to love!

If instead of reading lenses you'd rather add your prescription, whether single vision or varifocal, you can do this simply by selecting 'Single Vision' or 'Varifocal / Progressive' in the Choose your lense type section.

So whatever your eyewear needs, you can order efficiently and be reading in style in no time!