Ray-Ban Advanced Prescription Lenses

Add your prescription requirements to this advanced Ray-Ban lens for a lighter lens weight and less magnification/demagnification effect of the wearer’s eye. The advanced Ray-Ban lens provides a vision correction solution at an affordable price.

Aspherical stock lens.

Provides correction solution at an affordable price.

Lighter weight lens.

Less magnification/demagnification effect of the wearer's eyes than the spherical form.

Flatter lens base curves.

These lenses are perfect for everyday use. These Varifocal lenses are optimised for distance, intermediate and near vision zones, so you will have enhanced vision in all areas.

Utilises Ray-Ban frame parameters.

Available with the iconic G-15 Transitions.

Designed for the digital world, this lens provides an optimises intermediate zone without compromising your sight in distance and near vision zones.

Now to choose your frames!

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