Oakley HD Polarised Lenses

This HD lens is designed for superior optical performance. It blocks 99% of reflecting glare, minimising eye strain and improving the depth of perception. Oakley HD Polarised lenses are a single lens that eliminates the need for glue and films. This lens is made from only one layer with no glue which creates superior optical performance.

Both lenses in a single pair of Oakley sunglasses are manufactured at the same time so the axis of polarization is perfectly aligned. This prevents unwanted and distracting glare sneaking through any part of the lens.


A single lens that eliminates glue and films.

Unmatched clarity of vision.

Optically superior to competitors polarized lenses


Blocks 99% of reflecting glare

Minimises eye strain with unmatched clarity

Improves depth perception, contrast, safety and comfort.