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Which Frame Material Is Right For You?

Which Frame Material Is Right For You?

Are you torn between frame materials? Not too sure if you love the look of a metal frame more than the feel of an acetate frame? Or perhaps you suffer from metal allergies such as nickel and confused about what frame materials you can wear?

At Fashion Eyewear we have over 50 brands for you to choose from and each of those uses different materials. Different materials used in eyewear can completely change a frame. We have acetate or metal for example. You may prefer one for fashion and style preferences or practical purposes.

This short blog post will give briefly point out the properties and disadvantages of each frame material to help you choose the one that's right for you and your needs.

Which Frame Material Is Right For You?

Which Frame Material Is Right For You?Acetate
A type of thermoplastic that is derived from organic materials such as wood or cotton flowers. Acetate as a frame material is easy to produce, warm to the touch and non-allergenic. It's easy to clean and comes in a vast range of colours, styles, shapes, and patterns. However, due to its smooth surface coating, it can scratch easily and look dirty due to smudges and fingerprints.

Which Frame Material Is Right For You?Metal
Metal frames are usually made from stainless steel unless stated otherwise. The properties of metal include durability and flexibility; a metal frame can flex slightly better than acetate. It is also non-corrosive and waterproof however most metal frames will contain nickel which is not suitable for those allergies to certain metals.

Carbon Fibre and Titanium
If you are allergic to nickel but love metal frames, opt for carbon-fiber or titanium frames. Aesthetically beautiful, incredibly light yet strong, these materials are the only non-allergenic metal materials available for eyewear. The only downside to titanium and carbon-fiber is that they are very expensive materials so glasses produced with these materials won't come cheap.

Which Frame Material Is Right For You?Combination of Metal & Acetate
If you do not suffer from any allergies and tired of standard frames that are only metal or only plastic; a frame that combines both materials would be right for you. Either the frame would be metal and the frame arms acetate, or vice versa. These glasses will have an incredibly stylish and modern look but may not be able to offer you the colour variety that an acetate frame can.

Eco Eyewear
Eco eyewear, developed for the environmentally-conscious fashionistas of the world; the frame material is derived from wood or bamboo. Some designers produce actual wooden frames that are quite popular however the main disadvantage is that the design, style, and colour may have to be compromised. Gucci is a brand has managed to overcome this barrier by developing 'liquid wood' which looks like acetate but is 100% recyclable. Go Gucci!

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