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The Tiffany 2047B | TF 2047B

The Tiffany 2047B | TF 2047B

Tiffany 2047B | TF 2047B

Tiffany are a company that are famed for their luxurious and gorgeous jewellery designs; with films, books and songs mentioning the iconic brand. As of 2011, however, the brand have released their own glasses range, featuring some of the most fashionable and well designed pieces available. May incorporate gems and jewels in keeping with the brands image.

On the best sellers list for Tiffany sits the Tiffany 2047B | TF 2047B. Feminine and elegant, these glasses are a sleek rectangular shape, with a graceful upwards slant. The narrowness of these glasses gives a strong look, with the soft curves taking the edge off. The arms are thin and flat, displaying the 'Tiffany & Co.' name on either side. What makes these glasses special is the hinge design. Tiffany offer a huge selection of key pendants in their jewellery line, ranging into thousands of pounds. The hinges going into the arms of these frames have a small crystal key design on either side, as a salute to the necklaces. The larger end of the key is right at the hinge, with the longer, thinner part smoothly transitioning into the arms. The most popular colour is the bright and fantastic 'Dark Blue Transparent' which combines a dark blue front, with multi tonal blue arms (see above). This popular colour is especially flattering for blue eyes, making them appear brighter. Violet and black are also available, with violet suiting green and hazel eyes, and the black best suited for dark eyes and warm skin tones.

Lenses available with these frames include single vision, varifocal and bifocal. The lenses come in differing thicknesses, with thinner lenses best suited for those with a medium or high prescription. The thinner lenses are lighter and stronger, as well as more visually attractive (not much difference will be noticed on a very low prescription). The lenses can all be coated to differing effects. Scratch resistant hardens the lenses and makes them less prone to damage, guaranteed scratch free lenses are valid for two years with this option, which is often free. Anti-glare means the lenses will not have annoying light reflecting off of them. Dust and water repellence are also available so stop anything obscuring vision. Smudge proofing is also available.