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The Tiffany 2016 | TF 2016

Tiffany's are the world's largest and most well known purveyors of fine jewellery and diamonds, with some of their pieces costing upwards of £1 million. However, as of 2011, Tiffany have branched out into the prescription eye wear market, making designer glasses like no other. Almost all pieces have a small nod to their jewelery line, with some inlaid with crystals or pearls.

The Tiffany 2016 | TF 2016 are one of the best selling prescription frames within the Tiffany collection. The front of the acetate frame is thick and very bold. The shape is rectangular though not too narrow. The angles are not too harsh either, with soft rounded curves at the corners. The glasses slant upwards slightly giving a feminine and elegant look. The arms are fairly narrow and flat, with the Tiffany & Co. name written on either side. Just before the logo, sits a small pearl-textured metal material in a criss-cross 'x' design at the temples, giving these an elegant and unique look. The most popular colour is the 'Top Black On Blue' which is an almost all black frame but with baby blue detailing in places such as near he hinges on either side and underneath the front. The blue detail lightens the black so allows more people to wear and suit these than simply plain black would. Other colours are also available.

Lenses that can be fitted to this frame include single vision, varifocal and bifocal. The lenses are available in varying thicknesses, with thinner lenses strongly advised to those with medium to high prescriptions (+/- 2.0 and above). Thinner options stop the lenses looking too bulky (sometimes referred to as looking like milk bottles) and they also weigh less so feel more comfortable, especially for those who wear their glasses all day. A thinner lens isn't really needed for those with low prescriptions who just need their glasses for reading or using the computer etc. (except for rimless frames). The lenses can all be coated to varying effects, with scratch resistant and anti-glare coatings recommended to everybody. Everyday glasses wearers may wish to consider more premium coatings such as dust and water repellence and smudge resistance.