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The Tag Heuer Reflex Review

The Tag Heuer Reflex Review

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This is a short review of the impressive Tag Heuer Reflex. There are 12 different models in the Reflex series; models in the series come in rimless, semi-rimless or fully rimmed styles.

This means that there is definitely a frame in the series to will suit your taste. This review will look specifically at the 3110 model; looking at the design, colour availability and how it differs from other designer eyewear on the market.

The Tag Heuer Reflex (3110 model) is made using beta-titanium frames. Titanium's best property is its weight, being super light makes these frames comfortable to wear and not sit heavy on the face. The 3110 model is rimless however if you're looking for a fully rimmed or supra (semi-rimless) frame, then check out the other models in the Reflex series. The sleek look of the frame makes them a great investment for the modern man. The bendable temples are perfect for those who ride motorbikes or wear any protective headgear for work or commuting.

If you are regularly taking part in sporting events or activities then the Reflex series can provide you with more resilience and stability than your standard glasses can. Tag Heuer have vigorously tested on the Reflex models to ensure that during exercise your glasses will not slip off, no matter how strenuous the activity is. These glasses come in 8 different colours ranging from the standard black to bolder colours like purple, and the classic Tag Heuer red.

The Tag Heuer Reflex series differs from other designer eyewear in terms of function, style quality and advanced engineering. Tag Heuer glasses are known for innovation, ergonomic designs, and functionality. Tag Heuer frames are premium products which mean the quality of their eyewear is unrivalled to high street glasses. A lot of time and quality goes into every pair of Tag Heuer glasses to give you the highest standards of comfort and wearability.

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