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The Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV5004 Review

The Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV5004 Review

Oliver Peoples is known for their anti-label designs and quirky vintage styles. When looking at a Peoples frame, sometimes it can be hard to identify whether they are or aren’t Oliver Peoples frames however that’s the beauty of the brand.

The mysterious identity of the brand sparks curiosity. Everywhere people are talking about this stunning optical model.

Why? Well, apart from the model’s classic good looks and stunning design, the eyewear is bang on trend and only ever worn by the most elite celebrities. The Oliver Peoples Riley is a slim, elegant and super stylish frame. The round John Lennon style shape is perfect for people who are trying to achieve that geek-chic, intellectual look with their eyewear. The stylish keyhole bridge design makes these spectacles stand out even more. The subtle dots on the temples of the frames give away the brand’s identity but in a very discreet way that will still leave some people questioning. The frame arms of these glasses are also stunning to look at. You can see the metal wire on the inside of the arms.

Oliver Peoples Riley-R OV5004C

This is how the eyewear manages to stay strong and resilient to breakages. Despite its strength, the frame arms still allow for some flexing. The OV5004 1005 is available in six different colours; all of the frames are made from highly durable acetate. If you are after standard colours, choose from the darker colours; black, cocobolo or Havana black. If you are willing to be a little bit more adventurous with your eyewear, opt for a unique colour like the beige crystal.

Twilight actress, Nikki Reed is seen wearing her Riley glasses with a stylish black leather jacket whilst Justin Timberlake wears his frames with a casual beige shirt. To completely create a unique look, wear your Riley spectacles with pride and style them how you want to. The Oliver Peoples optical boutique in California is set out their retail space in a gallery-like setting. The reason for this was because the Leight brothers wanted to offer consumers of Oliver Peoples a truly unique optical shopping experience.

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