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Sunglasses styles explained

Sunglasses styles explained

It can be so hard to pick a pair of sunglasses, there is so much choice! We have fashion styles that range from the cat-eye, the square, or the butterfly, to classics like the aviator, the clubmaster and rimless frames. Some styles you may have never heard of before, some you might already own and didn’t realise what they were called, or you may be thinking what on earth is the butterfly and how is it different to a cat-eye? This blog is here to help. We have lots of different styles and we will help you figure out which style is best for you!

The Aviator

Also known as the pilot, the aviator is one of our most popular pair of sunglasses. This staple frame is usually associated with the original creators Ray-Ban, who made the aviators for practical reasons, for pilots during the war. After the war, aviator-style became a must-have trend and it has never stopped selling since.

The Butterfly

If you are after an oversized statement frame then you should shop the butterfly. This is a unique, butterfly-inspired, large frame that covers much of the face. As well as the stylishly oversized fit, the butterfly also gives great coverage against sunlight.

The Cat-Eye

This is a feminine eyewear shape with a quirky feline edge. This retro style is back in trend in full force, the Cat-eye comes in petite and oversized sizes so there is bound to be a cat-eye shape you love.

The Clubmaster

The king of the clubmaster shades is Ray-Ban. The clubmaster followed shortly after the aviator as a leading eyewear style. The clubmaster is also known as the browline sunglasses as they are known for their thicker frame on the top and thinner frame on the bottom.


Oval shades are a staple which every woman should have in their wardrobe for every season. Oval sunglasses are an oversized basic fit which is flattering for every face shape. A popular oval frame at Fashioneyewear is the Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh, you can see where their inspiration is from, a style loved and famously worn by Jackie Onassis!


A unisex frame that’s popular with both men and women of all ages. The rectangular frame has wide, rectangular lenses but corners can either be rounded or slightly angular. This shape is practical and popular if you need your prescription added to your sunglasses. We have a wide range of stylish designer rectangular frames you can shop, then add your prescription at the checkout!


This style can have a number of different variations. Semi-rimless styles can come in on-trend fashion frames, sports sunglasses, square sunglasses or rectangular sunglasses. The half-frames style can also be known as the clubman or browline as it features a frame edge on top, with no frame at the bottom. This is a popular look to go for, especially among sports enthusiasts who are after a trendy athleisure style frame. If you are looking for this style try shopping Oakley or Nike.


Don’t assume rimless frames are just for the older generation, in fact, ‘granny’ style is a trend this year. Rimless frames are more popular than ever and you will be wanting our whole range by the end of the year. You can also add different lens tints to create a quirky colourful edge to your rimless frames.


Harry Potter has been a style icon since 2001 without even realising it. Round sunglasses are more popular than ever, especially with fashion bloggers both male and female. If you follow the geek chic trend then round frames will also be an effortlessly cool to way follow this, in fact, people wear these frames daily with clear lenses just for the look!


Shield sunglasses give you protection from the sun at all angles - definitely living up to their name. If you spend a lot of time outdoors and in direct sunlight, these practica, cool shades are a must-have to shield you from the sun and UV rays.


You may have already noticed that 70s fashion has been making a comeback! Along with flared blue jeans, platform heels and boho chic blouses, the oversized square retro shades are back too and they are more popular than ever. As seen in Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan are a flattering fit for all face shapes, known as the shape-shifters they help balance out a narrow jawline or give a round face some angles. Shop Gucci and Dior for statement square shades.


Versatile and timeless, you can’t do better than e our staple Wayfarer frame. Of course Ray-Ban are masters at this classic shape. This signature thick frame and trapezoidal shape is a perfect fit for most face shapes, outfits, styles and genders. The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is a classic pair of sunglasses for you to bring out year after year and still be stylish.

Now that you are up to speed with all our styles you can shop all our designer sunglasses here:


You can add your prescription to any of our designers frames no matter what style, shape or brand you decide to go for. Choose from Varifocal/Progressive or Single Vision lenses, then choose your lens option from the most advanced optical brands: Nikon, Essilor, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim and our own Fashion Eyewear Packages! We have our PD tool available so you can add your prescription in the comfort of your own home. Then simply sit back and wait for your favourite sunnies or glasses to arrive!