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Top Summer Sunglasses for 2020 at Fashion Eyewear

Top Summer Sunglasses for 2020 at Fashion Eyewear

Summer has finally arrived and although it may not be like a normal summer it doesn’t stop the sun from shining, and with the sun comes the need to wear sunglasses. Just as we look after our skin in the sun, it’s just as important to protect our eyes for UV rays. So sunglasses really are a health essential. While sunglasses are practical and fundamental to our eye health, you may as well protect your eyes in style! It can be so hard to keep up with fashion trends just like clothes fashion eyewear fashion constantly changes with the seasons. Luckily, when it comes to sunglasses the change isn’t quite so drastic so a good pair of fashionable sunglasses can be on-trend for years. In fact, sunglasses can be split into staple sunglasses which never go out of fashion and trend-led sunglasses which will come in and out of fashion as the cycle keeps turning.

Trend-led Fashion Sunglasses

For 2020 there are certain styles, shapes and brands which are on-trend. Brands and styles come and go as the fashion cycle changes, for 2020 the brands to wear are: Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and Dior. These brands are fashion leaders, they set the trends and other high street brands follow. Their signature styles are retro cat-eye shapes, oversized square, rounded frames, and monogram features.

Retro Shapes

With retro frames you can be transported back to a whole new fashion era, this year the 70’s and 90’s are both back in full swing. The cat-eye sunglasses were actually first popular in the ’50s, they were then adapted in the ’90s, reinvented with a more petite, edgy style. If this is the style you want to buy we recommend Balenciaga and Dior, but if you want a more feminine, delicate look try Jimmy Choo. Their petite cat-eye also comes with sunglasses jewellery - another trend which has returned for 2020.

Oversized cat-eye frames are in fact just as popular. For this style shop CHANEL and Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban’s retro frames are inspired by Jackie Onassis called the ‘Jackie Ohhh’ frame - you can’t miss it.

Oversized Square Shapes

The oversized square frame - another very popular shape this year, again available in sunglasses and optical. Trend leaders in this style are Dior followed by Gucci and Fendi. All three brands featured the oversized square silhouette on their Spring/Summer 2020 catwalks. This trend is popular in both acetate and metal with a large selection of lens tints available. If you would like a wide choice of colourways and styles to choose from, shop the Dior So Stellaire and the Dior Stellaire, both featured below.

Rounded Frames

Round frames are back! If you follow fashion influencers, publications and forecasts you will see the rounded frames are very popular with male and female fashion influencers. One of the most popular rounded frames is the Ray-Ban Round in metal, this is a popular unisex style. Oliver Peoples is another popular brand for this trend which is associated with the ‘geek chic’ styling.

Monogram frames

Monogram accessories were a popular trend again in the ’90s, leaders in this style were Dior, Fendi and Gucci. Their vintage monogram bags and sunglasses have both been reinvented for 2020. The signature “F’ frame is a popular Fendi monogram pair of sunglasses. You can shop this frame below.

Fashion Staples

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that will always remain fashionable then you need to shop our fashion staples. Stick to sunglasses’ brands that have always been known for their style and great accessories: Ray-Ban, Andy Wolf, Mulberry, Chloe, Oakley, Polaroid and Tom Ford. These are brands that are always well respected in terms of fashion as well as the durability and longevity of their high-quality eyewear. These brands don’t necessarily come in and out of fashion and stock high-quality frames and lenses, so they will be relevant and last for years to come. Certain styles also remain fashion staples. Keep an eye out for the aviator, the clubmaster, the wayfarer and the rectangle they never seem to fizzle out.

The Aviator

The Aviator was created by Ray-Ban for pilots during the war, but now most brands adopt this signature style. This style isn’t just about sunglass heritage though, because it’s been reinvented in new innovative styles and colourways by every brand. From luxury designer aviators to chunky acetate frames, the aviator is a must-have pair of sunglasses if you are looking for a timeless shape.

The Clubmaster

Most classics originate from Ray-Ban, they have paved the way for stylish sunglasses. However many other brands have taken inspiration from the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. The clubmaster is a semi-rimless frame which you can get in either acetate or metals as well as a combination of both. Ray-Ban has a wide variety of the clubmaster in every colourway imaginable. Some clubmasters are even made out of wood! This frame can be playful yet neutral and sophisticated, it is certainly worth a shop about.

The Wayfarer

Again, another Ray-Ban classic. This is certainly an effortless style which will always remain in fashion. After the Aviator was designed, the Wayfarer came shortly, after creating yet another fashion signature style in the sunglasses industry. The Wayfarer is similar to the classic rectangular shape but with unique elements such as the shape of the lenses which are slightly rounded. The arms are also angled to have their own unique styling. There are plenty of variations of the Wayfarer to shop from Fuschia pink to Havana brown.

The Rectangle

You can’t go wrong with a pair of rectangular sunglasses. This is a classic optical and sunglasses shape. In fact, all these staple sunglasses styles are also available in optical frames! If you want to choose a colourway which will always be timeless we recommend going for black or havana. These colourways will go with everything you wear, they are appropriate for every occasion and never go out of fashion. You can shop our rectangular collection here with both acetate and metal available.

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