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Summer Hack: Prescription Sunglasses

It is finally June and summer has arrived. With summer comes the sun and although it is great to finally see the sun again, it can make normal day-to-day tasks a little harder, like driving or cycling to work! Nobody wants to be swapping from sunglasses to glasses all day. Even more annoying when you can’t quite get the hang of contact lenses. We at Fashion Eyewear, however, have the perfect hack for you, so you can enjoy the sun, stress-free, and of course no style compromise.

Shop our vast range of designer sunglasses and simply add your prescription lenses, we have varifocal and single vision lenses available so we can personalise your designer sunglasses easily.

Buying a pair of prescription sunglasses at Fashion Eyewear:

Step 1 - Choose your brand

Shop our vast collection of brands from your favourite sports brands Oakley, Bolle, and Smith to your luxury Fashion brands Tom Ford, Chanel, and Gucci.

Step 2- Choose your frame

Narrowing down your brand can be hard enough but finding a frame can be even harder! If you are struggling to choose your favourite, use our virtual try-on to see which style best fits your face!

Step 3- Pick your favourite colour

Some frames may come with different colourways to choose from. If you are struggling to think of a colour, think of which frame will go with your wardrobe more, or stay safe and choose between black and Havana.

Step 4 - Adding your lenses

Choose which type of lenses you need, do you need reading glasses or distance for example? Think of which scenario you will need your sunglasses, maybe you read a lot outdoors, you need them to drive or if you need both types of prescription, simply add varifocal lenses.

Step 5- Lens options

This one is simple for prescription sunglasses - choose sunglasses! Once you have made this option you will get the choice of choosing our recommended packages created by our in-house optical team or building your own lens.

We recommend going for our in-house packages, they come in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum options which you can choose which one suits your lifestyle needs and which coatings are necessary for you.

If you do want to build your own lenses, however, you can choose between our standard lenses or Essilor and Nikon. You may already have a preference on which optical brand you want to choose. Both brands are known for their optical excellence so either is a good decision!

Lens tints are also available to add. You may prefer a green tint or a grey tint for your sunglasses or you may not want to edit the lenses at all! If you need more information on any of our lenses simply click the image and a pop-up will tell you everything you need to know!

Step 6 - Adding your prescription

Make sure you have your prescription at hand so you can send us all we need to know about tailoring your glasses perfectly to you.

Step 7 - Final step

Checkout, choose your delivery option, and enjoy your hassle-free prescription sunglasses!

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