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Ray-Ban Vs Oakley

Ray-Ban Vs Oakley

Choosing your frame from our large range of designers can be hard enough but then you have the tough choice between our expertly curated picked lenses brands. Lenses are a critical part of ordering your Fashion Eyewear so we want to help you make the right choice. Two of our top brands are Ray-Ban and Oakley, so to help make your decision a little easier we’ll sum up the best qualities of both brands in this blog.

Ray-Ban is one of the largest eyewear retailers worldwide for good reasons, the brand has been creating advanced eyewear frames and lenses since the 1950s. Ray-Ban rose to popularity after World War Two after it developed the iconic aviator frame for pilots in the RAF. In 1999 Ray-Ban joined the Luxottica group which accelerated the growth and distribution of Ray-Ban eyewear worldwide. As well as being known for their iconic frames the Aviator, Clubmaster and Wayfarer, Ray-Ban has an advanced optical range of lenses.

Single Vision Ray-Ban lenses

Ray-Ban is pioneers in lens research, always developing the best lenses to optimise your glasses for everyday use. You can choose from a distance, reading, computer or occupational lenses so your lenses are the best fit for your lifestyle and prescription needs.

Progressive or Varifocal Lenses by Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban also has a large range of varifocal lenses which can combine more than one prescription type. This is perfect for people who carry around more than one type of glasses. Buying varifocal sunglasses is also a good idea for driving and enjoying the sun.

Ray-Ban split their prescription lenses into 4 categories:





Each package has unique features and qualities.


This is a standard Ray-Ban package which is only available for varifocal or progressive prescriptions. This is the most affordable Ray-Ban lens we offer.

Top Features:

Perfect for everyday use

Easy to Adapt

Stable distance and near vision zones


The advanced lens option is available in both single vision and progressive/varifocal lenses. This lens is designed for the digital world.

Single Vision Features:

Aspherical stock lens.'

Provides correction solutions at an affordable price.


Less magnification and demagnification of wearer’s eyes.

Flatter lens base curve

Progressive or Varifocal Features:

Perfect for everyday use

Uses Ray-Ban parameters

Available with iconic G-15 transitions


The premium range is also available for single vision and varifocal/progressive lenses. Our premium Ray-Ban lenses offer a systematic vision improvement. These are known as Ray-Ban’s advanced lens technology.

Single Vision Features:

Digitally Surfaced

UV protection

Available with iconic G-15 transitions

Progressive or Varifocal lenses top features:

The best Ray-Ban lenses for everyday use.

Optimised for distance, intermediate and near vision zones.

Utilises Ray-Ban frame parameters with a fully adjustable position of wear.


This is the top Ray-Ban lens evolution. This advanced lens is Ray-Ban DST which is digitally optimised for higher definition vision.

Single Vision Top Features:

The latest evolution of these individualised single vision lenses, with fully adjustable position of wear parameters.

Maximum performance and natural vision for the wearer.

New and most improved Ray-Ban lenses.

Progressive/Varifocal Features:

The state of the art progressive or varifocal lenses with fully adjustable position of wear parameters.

High Performance.

Ergonomic vision profile for everyday wear and digital use.

A must for advanced optical quality for everyday use.

Unlike Ray-Ban, Oakley’s main focus is on sports performance frames and lenses Oakley was first established in in 1975 and acquired by Luxottica in 2007. Oakley is worn by top athletes around the world, taking part in a range of sports from athletics, motorsports and golfing to tennis or fishing. But you don’t have to be a professional to benefit from Oakley lenses. Even though Oakley lenses are optimised for sports users, you don’t have to be a sports fan to take advantage of their fantastic frames and lenses.

Optical Oakley Lenses

Single Vision

You will may need single vision lenses if you use your glasses for distance, reading or computer use. Oakley has three single vision lenses available for you to select to add to your optical frames.

Oakley Essential Plus - Advanced Lens

This is the most affordable Oakley lens.

Oakley True Digital - Premium Lens

This lens is bespoke to the individual prescription offering greater clarity.

Oakley True Digital Plus - The Top Lens

The most advanced lens from Oakley, bespoke to give the best visual clarity.

Varifocal/Progressive Oakley Lenses

You will need varifocal lenses if you have more than one prescription and are sick of swapping your glasses to see different distances. A varifocal combines three prescription types: distance, mid-distance and reading

1. Oakley True Digital

The standard Oakley varifocal lens.

2. Oakley True Digital Advance

A more advanced lens, digitally optimised for general usage and reading.

3.Oakley True Digital Advance Plus

Further advanced based on the frame measurements, to provide visual acuity that stays consistent across the entire surface of the lens.

4.Oakley True Digital Elite

Designed to improve your digital device use, this lens is digitally optimised for individual prescription needs and frame measurements, with a 50% increase in intermediate width.


You can add your prescription to Oakley sunglasses too, but the lenses change slightly.

Single Vision and Varifocal/Progressive Lenses:

For Oakley Sunglasses Authentic prescription lenses you can choose from:

Oakley Clear

Using freeform technology, Oakley clear lenses are digitally optimised point by point on the back surface to provide high definition vision, greater clarity and a wider field of vision.

Oakley Prizm

The Oakley Prizm is a revolutionary lens technology grounded in decades of research to engineer fine-tuned vision and optimise contrast.

Oakley HD Polarised

This HD lens is designed for superior optical performance. It blocks 99% of reflecting glare, minimising eye strain and improving the depth of perception.

Oakley Iridium

A lens with a coating that reflects light through a special metal oxide formula, designed to give a unique aesthetic while reflecting certain colours to provide a balanced light transmission.

Once you have chosen your Oakley lenses you can then add the tint which is suited for the sports you are playing - this sounds confusing but don’t worry. At the check out you just click on the tint and it will tell you which sport it is best for, watersports, motorsports, snow-sports and field sports!

We hope this guide will help you make the best selection from the wide range of lenses offered by Ray-ban and Oakley.

However, if you want more information you can check out our lenses page here on Ray-Ban, Oakley, Essilor and Nikon.

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