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Ray Ban RB4179 Liteforce Tech Review

Ray Ban RB4179 Liteforce Tech Review

Ray-Ban is an iconic brand that is the number one fashion choice when buying designer eyewear.

The brand first produced for the US Air Force in 1937. A General specifically approached optical experts, Bausch & Lomb, to design him a pair of sunglasses that would protect his eyes from harmful sun rays. He also wanted the sunglasses to be sophisticated and stylish so that he could wear them as part of his uniform. Soon the sunglasses became a fashion accessory that everyone wanted.

The Ray-Ban RB4179 Liteforce Tech is the latest release from the brand. These sunglasses are masculine and cutting-edge. They are the perfect combination of iconic design and innovation. There is a new bio-material made of semi-crystalline thermoplastic polymer used in this model. This material has never been used in eyewear before and is normally used in aerospace, automotive and for medical implant purposes.

This rare material ensures that the sunglasses are extremely lightweight. Sunglasses that are lightweight ensure the comfort of the frames yet do not underestimate the durability in this eyewear. The PK001 material is strong and compatible to uphold any activity and is stress-resistant. The sunglasses embody the classic rectangular shape which suits most faces. They are super stylish and have a curve at the top bar. The curve means the lenses are slightly oversized giving you more UV protection and a clearer peripheral view. The lenses provided by Ray-Ban are of a high standard and are 100% UV protected.

The brand is leaders in innovation and has an unmistakable style which makes them instantly recognizable. They are never afraid to experiment with new materials, technologies and styles so that they always deliver the unexpected. Everything is trialled and tested to make sure they are ergonomically suited and long-lasting. These extremely thin temples are flexible, so they will not break easily, providing luxurious comfort. The hinge section has the brand’s authenticity shown with the logo engraved on there clearly. Ray-Ban is known world-wide and many celebrities are huge fans of the brand as function and fashion are guaranteed.


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