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New look just in time for summer!

New look just in time for summer!

We are glad to announce that our site has now joined us here in the 21st century!

Loyal customers and new ones (welcome!) we are pleased to unveil our new site. Months of blood, sweat, and tears (literally) went into planning and executing a look and shopping experience that we would be proud to put our name on and here it is.

New banner white

So what’s so great about it? You may be asking yourself.

Our new site is mobile responsive. Our customers can now enjoy an easy and enjoyable shopping experience even away from their desktop! Who doesn't love to do some browsing while on the go, am I right! Now you can shop our large selection of luxury eyewear on your smartphone, tablet, or other hand-held devices.

Our improved navigation takes the guesswork out finding the pair of shades just for you. Our new refined search option means you can quickly narrow in on that perfect pair of eyewear, selecting from choices such as: eyewear brand, frame shape, frame type, trends, colour, price, and your face shape.


Ever purchased something online only to have it delivered to you looking completely different than what you wanted? Well say goodbye to buyer’s remorse. Our fancy new site features brand new product photos allowing you to take a look at your frames from several different views, including 360 degree images and our new improved scroll zoom.

Measure your pupil distance (PD) online now with our PD Master. With our interactive pupil distance measuring tool we can get your lenses in the right position and give you perfectly glazed glasses every time.

When you’re ready to purchase the eyewear you are happy with, thanks to the help of all of our new features, enjoy a simpler and faster checkout process complete with the latest security features to help keep your mind at ease and your wallet safe.

So what are you waiting for?

Check us out at Fashioneyewear and find the frames you will be remembered for ;)