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Oakley Frogskin LX OO2043 Review

Oakley Frogskin LX OO2043Jim Jannard founded the Oakley brand in 1975.

Jannard has a strong thirst for constantly evolving products to make sure they remain current and suit our needs. His main idea is to make products work and look better than anything else out there. Oakley is known to serve professional athletes and the brand’s eyewear is famous world-wide, as they use the highest quality materials and they are constructed to be perfect for any activity.

Oakley Frogskin LX

The Oakley Frogskin LX is a developed and updated version of the popular Oakley Frogskin glasses. The latest Oakley OO2043model resembles the original Frogskin design. Frogskin was an instant hit in the lifestyle range for its trendy look, that had the elements of a sports eyewear, in being lightweight and comfort. However the main difference between the Frogskin and Frogskin LX is that it is constructed out of acetate instead of O Matter.

The Oakley design team insist on looking at their best-selling models and on ways to improve them, to deliver the best of the best to their customers. The Frogskin LX model, now being made out of acetate, means that they can be available in a wide range of colours, that the O Matter limits. There are classic colours such as black as well as two tone colours like navy and bronze. The acetate material also means that the sunglasses are extremely lightweight.

The Oakley OO2043 sunglasses are comfortable to wear as they are light and because of the three-point fit turn, that ensures that the sunglasses will have minimum contact on the face; to not irritate the wearer. Oakley's three-point fit also holds the lenses in precise optical alignment and means they are flexible; to open and close easily. They also look trendy as the square shape is flattering to suit most faces. The brand name is engraved on the hinge section which is an added fashion feature and shows its authenticity. This model effortlessly combines both function and fashion and provides the utmost 100% UV protection but also looking undeniably cool.