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New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

Jumbo Shrimp glasses

New Brand Alert: Jumbo Shrimp

We have a new brand at Fashion Eyewear! Jumbo Shrimp has just launched ready for summer 2021. If you want stylish blue light glasses or the ultimate clip-on duo for in and out of the office, for an affordable price, you will love this new addition to Fashion Eyewear.

Jumbo Shrimp are on a mission to make high-quality specs that you can combine with your prescription lenses at Fashion Eyewear. Their unique selection help you stand out from the crowd without compromising quality and your bank account!

Ready-made blue light Jumbo Shrimp glasses will also be available to buy with or without prescription lenses added. Wearing blue light glasses, even if you don’t need prescription eyewear is crucial if you work on digital screens all day. They prevent eyestrain and eye fatigue and

We are happy to be the first eyewear retailer to launch this new brand’s first collection. We are now exclusively offering Jumbo Shrimp Eyewear with Free Prescription Lenses and Clip-on's available all for £50!

The brand was designed by a world-famous creative agency, Mother.

Andy Medd, founder of Jumbo Shrimp continues, “Jumbo Shrimp is bold, bright and full of energy – exactly how we want you to feel when wearing our frames. Combining style, quality and responsible design, Jumbo Shrimp is here to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on a fabulous pair of prescription specs. This is only the beginning and we can’t wait to continue building this fantastic new brand.”

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