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Havana vs. Tortoise shell coloured eyewear, what’s the difference?

Havana vs. Tortoise shell coloured eyewear, what’s the difference?

To the untrained eye, Havana and Tortoise shell colour schemes can be very easily mixed up and even lumped together in one tan-textured blur. However, Havana and Tortoise shell colour schemes should not be categorised as different sides of the same coin. This is because, in actual fact, they are worlds apart in origin, history, and in their actual colour and textural make-ups. Just step back, forward again, and take a closer look at the two – see it now? Worlds apart!

The low-down on Havana

For as long as prescription eyewear and fashion eyewear could be thought of as one and the same, Havana has ruled the eyewear market. The Havana tone has long been a popular choice and a staple accessory for eyewear enthusiasts of all ages, very simply because it has a one-of-a-kind timeless essence and unrivalled versatility in its make-up. Want to look trendy and up-to-date from day to night, during those cold winter nights and warm summer days? Havana eyewear has you covered.

The Havana tone doesn’t seem likely to ever go out of fashion, and for this reason alone it has become the king of casual.

But what exactly characterises a Havana tone…why is it not just Tortoise shell gone rogue?

Havana puts a twist on a classic style; Havana is a lighter tan-tone on a dark brown tortoise shell colour. Havana is naturally softening and is able to compliment any laid-back or bright, in-your-face outfit choice because of its relaxed, nonchalant vibes.

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The low-down on Tortoise shell

The world of Tortoise shell eyewear is far more complex and historically rich than Havana’s. But what exactly makes tortoise shell well…tortoise shell?

Tortoise shell is made up of a mixture of mottled yellow, brown, honey and black-tinged tones. Tortoise shell glasses are commonly known as ‘horn-rimmed glasses’ as they mimic the look of real tortoise’s skin with their speckled finish. Like Havana glasses, (this is the only real similarity between the two), tortoise shell glasses have the ability to soften facial features and act as a versatile piece of accessory by complementing all complexions.

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The History of Tortoise shell

The Unethical side…

The reason the tortoise shell design looks so much like an actual tortoise-shell is because the pattern was originally made out of the shell of real hawksbill turtles. Fortunately, the modern world views this practice as highly unacceptable and wholly unethical and so this is no longer the case.

Vintage style

Tortoise shell eyewear has its roots in vintage hipster-geeky, 50’s style fashion culture, although the trend really took off in the eyewear market in the early 1920’s. It wasn’t until the birth of Ray-Ban culture during the 50’s that tortoise shell eyewear truly flourished, and it was in the 1970’s that the animal-made versions were officially banned.

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Modern composition of Havana and Tortoise shell eyewear

Modern technology has benefited the eyewear world exponentially. In fact, the discovery of progressive materials has given manufactures of designer eyewear the means to get seriously creative and build ethically-sourced eyewear with an abundance of charisma.

One of the main materials used by designers to create havana and tortoise shell sunglasses and prescription glasses is acetate. Acetate is a modern plastic with a plethora of beneficial properties. Acetate is lightweight and breathable for a comfortable fit and is also naturally strong and corrosion resistant. This material provides a first-rate wearing experience without harming living beings!

Refresh your wardrobe with Havana and Tortoise shell

Both Havana and Tortoise shell designs will suit a casual look for men and women. Team these tones with a classic t-shirt and denim jeans combo for a winning day-time style.

Havana and Tortoise shell eyewear also come in a range of fun and vibrant colour combinations as well as popular frame shapes, so no one should miss out on their chance to embrace these classically cool, on-trend tones.

The Celeb style-steal

Havana and Tortoise shell tones have been sported by A-list celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron and Scarlett Johansson to name just a handful. So go ahead and pick out your favorite design, choose your designer model as well as the shape and colour scheme and be right up to date.

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