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Clean your glasses in style with Fingerprints London

Clean your glasses in style with Fingerprints London

Grubby fingerprints on lenses are inevitable. Glasses are constantly being touched, dropped moved from your face to the bottom of your bag, so they easily gather dust, dirt and fingerprints.

Looking after your glasses is important, they aren’t a fad that you throw away every season, you want your glasses to last a lifetime, and that will only happen with some TLC. We have you covered at Fashion Eyewear with our new brand FINGERPRINTS, sleeves and paper towels are no longer needed (and aren’t good for your lenses) instead you can clean your glasses in style with our luxury cleaning solution and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

Lenses are extremely delicate, even when you add all the protective coatings, dust and dirt trapped in the fabric can cause fine scratches to the lens’s surface. Our premium-grade microfiber cloth removes all dust and fingerprint repellent with no damage caused to your designer eyewear. Simply spray, wipe and move on.

Our stylish cloth collection is available to buy in an array of fashionable colours alongside our luxury cleaning spray. Our sleek streak-free spray is the perfume your glasses have longed for. FINGERPRINTS have developed their formula with specialist chemists to repel dirt and dust particles so you can see the world clearly.

How do you use FINGERPRINTS?

It is easy to see the world in style with FINGERPRINTS, simply spray the solution on each side of your lens, wipe the excess spray with our exclusive cloth and you will instantly see results. No more annoying distracting smudges and no risk of scratches or damages to your designer eyewear.

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