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Feel the Hollywood glamour with Jimmy Choo’s Andie sunglasses

Feel the Hollywood glamour with Jimmy Choo’s Andie sunglasses

The worldwide sensation that is Jimmy Choo is a British fashion house best known for its finely handcrafted fashion accessories including handbags, bespoke shoes, fragrances and of course fabulous collections of glasses and sunglasses.

Founded back in 1956 by the incredible partnership of Jimmy Choo and Vogue’s accessories editor Tamara Mellon, this phenomenal brand, time and time again, has made our eyes pop and sparkle with all the glitz and glamour they deserve.


The Andie sunglasses by Jimmy Choo

Inspired by the ballet and delicately adorned in glitter, the Jimmy Choo Andie sunglasses are brand spanking new and brand-spanking-ly reminiscent of old school Hollywood glamour (the best kind of glamour there is).

This collection by Jimmy Choo was created to reflect all the values that have allowed the high-fashion brand to retain their eminent stature within the fashion industry over the past 20 years. For this reason, all of the products found within this collection are of the highest quality and are bursting with the kind of uniquely vibrant designs and colour combinations only Jimmy Choo are able to deliver.

These sunglasses, as seen on the likes of famous Hollywood gal Kate Hudson, are a key feature in this collection. The distinctly round frames are made from Italian acetate and contain gradient lenses – both of these features make them suitable and highly practical for everyday usage, season after season…after season.

Behold the Beauty

Sunglasses should always be, in essence, practical beings. However they should also be aesthetic creatures – and that, the Jimmy Choo Andie certainly are.

The glitter on these sunglasses really allow us to feel a true sense of Hollywood glamour – once these sunglasses are perched on our noses we are instantly transformed into magnificent ‘Hollywood ready’ fashion-forward goddesses… and this is no small feat…

This glitter has been placed onto the ends and sides of the frame and the sunglasses also contain glitter trimming!

The Andie sunglasses retain their elegant nature too and are a perfect choice for women looking to add a little bit of graceful glitz to their everyday life.