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Dior Lady In Dior 2 Sunglasses Review

Lady In Dior 2Christian Dior founded the fashion house in 1946. Dior reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world after World War 2 .

To this day the Dior ethos resonates what the founder crafted and that was elegance combined with taking risks. Dior explored the feminine shape and created silhouettes for the more voluptuous figure. Women around the world celebrated the new shapes that were highly flattering and instantly popular.

Dior Lady In Dior 2

Dior SunglassesChristian Dior was the most influential fashion designer throughout the 1940/50s. The hourglass shape was labelled the New Look and the style was refreshing after such tragedies were faced during the war. The traditional concept of femininity combined with contemporary touches makes Dior timeless and one of the biggest designer brands in the world.

The Lady in Dior 2 sunglasses is a popular model for women that perfectly portray the brand’s essence. The oversized rectangular shape makes a bold fashion statement as oversized sunglasses are currently a sunglasses craze. The arms have the cannage design which is Dior’s signature pattern. The cannage design is seen on a lot of the ready-to-wear collection including the handbags. The signature look is classic and unites the eyewear to the Dior collection.

The Dior LadyinDior2 eyewear is a fashionable choice for women and has the authenticity displayed on the hinge section of the arms. The beauty of the frames speaks for itself and the brand name signed in metal stands out and is a stylish touch. Dior designs are instantly recognizable as they are one of a kind. The sunglasses come in a wide range of colours due to popularity that are equally flattering and a stylish choice. Dior eyewear is handcrafted in Italy by skilled artists and optical experts who ensures durability and comfort in each and every frame. This is highly important when purchasing eyewear as the wearer wants to receive their money’s worth and wants all-day comfort provided. Many celebrities love and wear the Dior brand due to the heritage and elegance which is guaranteed throughout the collection.