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Chanel 3221Q | CH3221Q

Chanel 3221Q | CH3221Q

Chanel 3221Q | CH3221Q

Chanel is a brand synonymous with luxury, elegance, grace and style. A brand that almost everyone on the globe has heard of at some point, and many covet.

Chanel was started in 1909 by Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. Initially working as a singer in music halls and in a tailoring shop during the day, Coco went on to open her own millinery shop with the funding of a rich gentleman she met whilst singing.

After designing hats for a short period to much acclaim, she went on to open another shop, this time making clothing. The clothing was relaxed and leisurely, aimed at the rich on holiday. This style was different from the tight and uncomfortable corsets that were the fashion of the time, allowing women to feel comfortable without their silhouette on display. It is unknown why she had the nickname Coco; some say it's a play on 'cocotte', the French for kept woman, others say it's after a song she would sing in the cabaret halls and some say it's due to her famous cocaine parties she would hold (when the drug was legal).

World War II meant the close of Chanel for a period, but the 1950s saw the fashion house return to form, better than ever. The new Chanel produced haute couture, pret-a-porter, jewellery and perfume. This elevated the brand to worldwide status, and today it remains as one of the most well-known and desired luxury brands in the world.

One of the best selling prescription glasses is the Chanel 3221Q | CH3221Q. These glasses are a subtle cat-eye shape, perfect for those who want a more dramatic look but find that traditional cat eyeglasses are too harsh. The frames are very thin, with the skinny arms having traditional Chanel chain detailing. The most popular colour in this model is the traditional and ever flattering 'Dark Havana'.

Different lenses are available, including single vision, varifocals and bifocals. All lenses come in different thicknesses depending upon the requirement and all lenses can be coated to different effects.

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