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Buying Your Designer Glasses Online Vs High Street

Buying Your Designer Glasses Online Vs High Street

Are you torn between buying your designer glasses online or on the high street?

Maybe you never knew you could shop online for prescription eyewear, or perhaps you've always shopped on the high street but have been recommended to shop online and save money?

This short post will give you the advantages and disadvantages of buying designer eyewear online and on the high street.

Buying Your Designer Glasses Online


  • With more than hundreds of high street stores offering a wider range of their products online, it would be silly to not take advantage of online shopping.
  • For your designer glasses, not only do you get more product availability online, the prices are also much lower. You could be one of the hundreds of people who buy their designer glasses online saving up to 70% compared to the high street prices.
  • Even though you don't get an interactive experience when shopping online, you can speak to customer services if you have problems with your order, or if you have any queries.


  • You are not able to get the face-to-face interaction with a member of staff as you would do in a high street store.
  • The customer services team on the telephone will be able to help you decide which lenses to go for and update you on your order but they will not be able to advise you on frames that will suit you as they cannot see you.
  • Another disadvantage is not knowing which online retailers are authentic and which are fake sites. Make sure you only purchase from trusted online retailers. Look at the reviews left by previous buyers and check out the secure payment methods they use (i.e. PayPal and SAGEpay).

Buying Designer Glasses On The High Street


  • If you're looking for an interactive service then nothing beats the high street.
  • You can experience the full optical service from eye consultation right up to getting the advice for picking frames by qualified professionals. For opticians with a lab, you can pick up your designer glasses the same day you placed the order.
  • You will be able to physically see and touch the glasses unlike online where the products are intangible. You are also able to try on your favourite ones to see (and feel) how it fits on your face. You would also have a member of the optical team on hand should you get stuck.


  • The biggest disadvantage with buying on the high street compared to online is the price.
  • Prices for designer glasses and designer sunglasses will be much more expensive in stores. This is because you are not only paying for your frames, you are also paying for the high quality service you have been given as soon as you've walked into the store, up to the point of placing your order.
  • Another disadvantage of buying your designer eyewear in store is that the availability of products is limited. You may find that some retailers will have one model in a range of colours and other retailers with only 2 colour options.


Always check that they are trusted websites with secure online payment methods. Don't forget to have a look the returns policy; prescription eyewear are usually only refundable if they are manufacture faulty.

If you are looking for a more interactive experience or still prefer to shop on the high street, pop into one of the Fashion Eyewear stores. One is located in London and the other in Hampshire. Fashioneyewear stock the full range of colours and models in all of the designer brands they sell. You can find the most popular ones in their UK based stores.

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