Custom made lenses by Zeiss

Lenses uniquely tailored to fit your visional needs.

With a Zeiss Lens, you truly get a custom-made experience manufactured for your personal prescription. The information given by your local optician can simply be added at the checkout after you have picked your favourite frames. Zeiss then uses this information to create your personalised designer glasses.

Everything we do is centred around the sustainable success of our customers and helping people around the globe to clearly see the world around them with all its detail and magic.

Everyone lives a different lifestyle so there are different lens types to fit everyone’s needs.

Find the lens which suits you best

Single Vision Lens

Calculates the single vision lens design for sharp vision in all distances, especially when lowering the gaze to focus on nearby objects. Improved optical performance with larger, clear fields of view.

Digital Lens

Provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur. This enables peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction with less perceived eye strain. The design is geared to ZEISS SmartLife Progressive Lenses for an easier transition into the later progressive lens vision.

Progressive Lens

Provides a smoother transition into the lens periphery with less perceived blur to enable peripheral vision in natural dynamic interaction that allows smooth vision from near to far across all viewing zones.

Find a coating which suits you best

ZEISS DuraVision Coatings:

Premium anti-reflective coatings

  • See better: more light entering the eye provides clearer vision, reducing the ocular stress and unnecessary strain exerted on the eyes.
  • Look better: the blue reflective coatings are more transparent and enable the wearer to view more naturally with less perceived reflections on the lenses.

Functional anti-reflective coatings

Solutions to support specific viewing needs. Some viewing tasks such as driving at night, dawn or dusk as well as in challenging weather conditions, require specific coating solutions that are not possible with a traditional AR coating. Coatings blocking specific wavelengths can reduce the overall visual stress perceived by spectacle wearers.

Premium sun coatings for tinted lenses

All tinted lenses with DuraVision® Mirror UV by ZEISS and DuraVision® Flash UV by ZEISS come with an anti-reflective coating on the back surface, eliminating distracting reflections for uncompromised visual clarity and comfortable viewing, all in a fashionable lens solution.

ZEISS BlueGuard

ZEISS offers innovative blue light filtering technology within the lens coating, meeting the demands of an on-the-go, digital lifestyle. Lenses designed specifically to filter potentially harmful blue light emitted from both the sun, and our increased use of digital devices.

  • ZEISS BlueGuard, a coating which filters potentially harmful blue light, designed for a digital, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Skylet® and PhotoFusion by ZEISS are tinted and self-tinting lenses that block different intensities of blue-violet light, and also offer full UV protection.

    ZEISS Self-tinting Lenses

    Lenses that adapt to varying light conditions. Wearers benefit from full UV protection and tinting to suit the changing environment they find themselves in throughout their day. Switching glasses is a thing of the past.

    ZEISS PhotoFusion X – Faster Clear, Faster Dark

    Offering an all-in-one photochromatic solution to all visual needs, ZEISS PhotoFusion X adapt quickly to changing light conditions. The latest photochromic innovation from ZEISS, PhotoFusion X darkens and fades back to clear faster than other photochromic lenses for ZEISS.

    ZEISS AdaptiveSun – From Dark to Darker

    Sunglasses designed for a convenient, yet fashionable lifestyle, ZEISS AdaptiveSun offer a lens solution that allows the sun lenses to automatically adjust their colour intensity when UV exposure levels also change. ZEISS AdaptiveSun ensure, convenient, clear and comfortable vision.

    ZEISS UVProtect Technology

    ZEISS lenses provide full protection against UV rays up to 400 nm. An additional anti-reflective layer on the back of the lens, reducing the indirect UV light reflected into the eye.

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