Tommy Hilfiger Glasses

Tommy Hilfiger Glasses

Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear is typically designed with a focus on classic and timeless styles, with clean lines and subtle details featuring high-quality materials such as acetate or metal frames. One particular design element that is often incorporated into Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses is the brand's signature red, white, and blue colour palette, which can be found in small details such as the temple tips or in larger accents such as the frames themselves.

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      27 products

      Tommy Hilfiger glasses

      Explore classic and cool all-American style with a pair of Tommy Hilfiger glasses. These designs are ideal for work-to-play use, complementing a wide range of faces and looks.

      Tommy Hilfiger prescription glasses

      Tasteful and trendy, our selection of Tommy Hilfiger prescription glasses hits the mark on easy-to-wear eyewear. Find contemporary-classic styles with a vintage touch. Think round frames in muted colours, black and gold half-trim designs, and square tortoiseshell options. After a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses too? Find them onsite along with prescription options too.

      The Tommy Hilfiger glasses frames collection

      Our edit of Tommy Hilfiger glasses frames keeps things stylish and classic, but with unique twists. Discover unique-yet-wearable colourways, textured temples, and contrasting arm sleeves. We have designs for both men and women, all with that Tommy Hilfiger DNA. And be sure to keep an eye out for the brand’s signature red, white, and blue ‘H’ logo on their frames.

      Why choose Tommy Hilfiger glasses

      Leading premium lifestyle label Tommy Hilfiger embodies preppy, Americana design, drawing on a classic New England aesthetic with a sporty twist. Founded in upstate New York in the 80s, the brand remains influential today. You can trust that their eyewear range not only delivers on style, but also on quality and durability.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Looking after your Tommy Hilfiger glasses will keep them in great condition for a long time coming. Follow these easy and simple care tips to prolong their lifespan.

      • Keep the frames and lenses clean with lukewarm water, gentle soap, or your go-to lens cleaning solution.

      • When drying use a soft, microfibre cloth - this is great for removing smudges too! It may be tempting to use your shirt edge to do this, but try not to. You may accidentally cause some scratches

      • Remember to pick them up by both arms, and try not to touch the lenses with your fingers.

      • Keep your Tommy Hilfier frames in their case when you’re not wearing them. This will keep them protected from bumps, knocks, and drops.