Michael Kors Glasses

Michael Kors Glasses

Michael Kors eyewear represents a chic American style that’s understandable and approachable, artfully mixing textures and fabrications, combining the everyday with the luxurious. The glasses range is created for men and women who appreciate quality materials, rich detailing and the finest workmanship.

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      44 products

      44 products

      Michael Kors Glasses

      Tailored and glamorous, sexy and sporty, polished and casual - Michael Kors glasses are all about effortless style. These are designs that’ll elevate your everyday look with a little luxurious touch.

      Michael Kors prescription glasses

      Browse through fashionable designer prescription glasses from Michael Kors. These distinct designs are as easy-to-wear as they are flattering. Looking for a pair of Michael Kors sunglasses to wear when it’s bright outside? Find them on our website - along with prescription sunglasses from the label too.

      The Michael Kors eyeglass collection

      Discover classic looks mixed with modern touches and a luxury sports aesthetic. This instantly-recognisable look is translated across the Michael Kors eyeglass collection. These are styles inspired by travel and a jet-setting lifestyle. You can spot the influence across the names - Caracas, Key West, and Santiago make an appearance. Think oversized shapes, warm tones, and tortoiseshell accents. Find popular aviator-style sunglasses that combine vintage-inspiration and ultra-luxe style. And keep an eye out for the iconic MK charm logo incorporated into designs.

      Why choose Michael Kors frames

      Michael Kors eyewear represents chic, American style that’s accessible and approachable. Founded in the 80s by its award-winning namesake, the label is renowned for its timeless and glamorous designs. Find eyewear that artfully mix textures and fabrications, combining the everyday with the luxurious. Discover quality materials, rich detailing and the finest workmanship.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Prolong the lifespan of your Michael Kors glasses with a regular care regime. Keep the frames and lenses clean with regular washing. We suggest lukewarm water, gentle soap, or your go-to lens cleaning solution. Remember when you’re picking them up to do so by both arms, and try your best to keep your fingers off the lenses. When drying (and removing smudges), use a soft, microfibre cloth. And finally, pop your Michael Kors frames in their case when you’re not wearing them. This will keep them out of the way of accidents!