Ducati Glasses


      Ducati Glasses

      As a leading manufacturer in Motorbikes, Ducati know how to produce a product for life at high speed. Designed and manufactured in Italy, Ducati glasses were designed with performance in mind. All of Ducati’s glasses have been engineered with the same quality and functionality as the motorbikes that they are famous for.

      With features such as dampers and spring hinges in the arm of the glasses to control compression and maximise flexibility, Ducati glasses can adjust to almost any alignment without breaking for amazing comfort. The Ducati designers ensure that all their eyewear is engineered with the same precision and accuracy as their incredible engines and motorbikes, resulting in the highest of quality frames.

      When producing this line of the highest quality glasses, Ducati ensured that they designed a wide range of glasses to suit all. From sporty looks, ideal on the playing field to sleek frames perfect for the board room, Ducati optical frames have a frame and colour for all situations, and all are designed with the same precision in mind.

      To take your frames to the next level, our in-house opticians will add your prescription for you. Additionally, Fashion Eyewear’s elite protective coating is a brilliant way to ensure your new purchase stays in pristine condition. With anti-glare and scratch resistance along with UV protection among other benefits, it’s the perfect addition for your new glasses.