Cycling Sunglasses

Cycling Sunglasses

Whatever your cycling ability, we have high quality eyewear which will help optimise your performance on the road. Cycling sunglasses have performance features to transform your everyday ride into a limit pushing adventure and maximise your potential. All cycling glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses of your choice.

      42 products

      42 products

      Prescription Cycling Glasses

      No matter if you’re a professional cyclist, or like to take your bike out for a spin over the weekend - prescription cycling glasses can give you the precise clarity you need. An essential part of your cycling kit, these specialist frames can help improve your peripheral vision, help you see in different light conditions, and protect your eyes from loose debris (and the occasional rogue flying insect). Whether you’re looking for clear prescription lenses, or coloured sunglasses - discover key stylish sports designs that you’ll be reaching for time and again.

      Prescription cycling sunglasses

      Our cycling sunglasses have performance features that’ll transform your everyday ride into limit pushing adventures, truly maximising your potential. You’ll find wraparound designs to improve your field of vision, shatter-proof and durable materials, and soft rubber details for comfort. And the good news is that our cycling glasses can be fitted with prescription lenses of your choice.

      Our designer cycling sunglasses collection

      Browse through designer cycling sunglasses ready for mountain bikers, off-road cyclists, and everyday bike riders. Find quality models from designer brands including Oakley, Bolle, Smith, and Maui Jim.

      Choose the right lenses

      Whether you’re looking for prescription, polarised, or photochromatic - choosing the right lenses for your cycling glasses is an important decision to make. For instance, polarised lenses are ideal for varying light conditions, as well as with anti-glare properties. The right lenses all come down to the type of cycling you like to do, and what sort of environments you’re typically in. For more information on the types of lenses that come with our different frames, click onto the individual products for more information.

      However, if you’re after prescription lenses for sunglasses, different models incorporate them in different ways. These can either be indirect or direct glaze. The former option sees your prescription lenses being ‘clipped on’ behind the lenses built into the frame. This looks like you have a double layer of lenses. It should be noted that not all designs offer this option. On the other hand, there is direct glaze - this is more common. In this case, the lenses have been treated to fit your prescription, similar to a regular pair of prescription sunglasses. Neither indirect or direct is better than the other. It all comes down to your prescription, the frame design, and your personal preference.