Chloe Glasses

      Chloe Glasses

      Synonymous with femininity and freedom of spirit, Chloé is the vision of its legendary Egyptian French founder, Gaby Aghion. The Chloé brand values such as femininity, modernity, free-spirited, grace and effortlessness are the core characteristics that build the brand and shape all the collections. Chloé eyewear mimics the ready to wear collection, with sinuous, sophisticated, essential and versatile designs.

      23 products

      23 products

      Chloe Glasses

      Synonymous with femininity and freedom of spirit, fashion label Chloé fully translates its aesthetic identity into its glasses line. These breezy, versatile designs are ready to add some retro-inspired flair to your everyday style.

      Chloe prescription glasses

      Go for glamour with a ‘70s-twist with a pair of Chloe prescription glasses. Luxurious and full of personality, these are frames perfect for fashion-lovers and statement-makers. Want a pair of Chloe sunglasses too? Discover our full range online, complete with prescription sunglasses too.

      The Chloe glasses frames collection

      Modern, graceful and effortless - this is what you can expect from Chloe’s glasses collection. Browse through unique hexagonal frames made from lightweight metal, rounded retro-inspired styles in translucent materials, and half-and-half contrasting colourways. Discover softened aviator glasses with double brow bars, scalloped-rim lenses, and asymmetric glasses arms.

      Keep an eye out for the label’s signature teardrop temple details too.

      Why choose Chloe glasses

      Founded in 1950s Paris, luxury fashion label Chloe takes inspiration from a sense of care-free femininity. This continues into their glasses designs, which balance softness with a confident streak. Think warm and delicate colourways in bold shapes. Beautiful design is balanced with superior quality - Chloe glasses are made with premium materials to very high standards.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Your Chloe glasses will last a long time with the right amount of care. Clean them on a regular basis with lukewarm water, and either gentle soap or lens cleaning solution. Anything else may contain chemicals that are too harsh, and could end up damaging your specs. Dry them afterwards with a soft microfibre cloth - this is also perfect for removing pesky smudges. And keep your Chloe glasses safe in their case whenever you're not using them. Not only does this reduce the risk of accidental knocks, but this will also protect them from dust (which can cause scratches).