Calvin Klein Glasses

Calvin Klein Glasses

The Calvin Klein brand which was founded in 1968 is one of the leading American fashion brands. Calvin Klein eyewear has created a universal appeal through its chic design and meticulous detail which showcases its sleek modernity. By utilising the highest quality materials in varied flattering shapes, Calvin Klein will cater for all types of wearers.

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      77 products

      77 products

      Calvin Klein Glasses

      Calvin Klein glasses are universally appealing, notable for their chic design and meticulous attention to detail. Suitable for work, socialising, and beyond, Calvin Klein frames are the perfect go-to for versatile eyewear.

      Calvin Klein prescription glasses

      Think sophistication-meets-sporty with Calvin Klein prescription glasses. Discover modern silhouettes in wearable colourways and premium materials. From trendy round styles in lightweight metal, to slim-line oval designs - the vibe here is easy, classic, and modern. Want a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses to go with your everyday specs? We have those online too, complete with prescription lenses.

      The Calvin Klein glasses frames collection

      Sleek and contemporary, our Calvin Klein glasses frames collection is complete with the latest designs. Think functional aesthetic with a premium feel, complete with the instantly-recognisable Calvin Klein logo. As well as classic colourways like black and brown, keep an eye out for mauves, pinks, and muted tones for a softer look.

      Why choose Calvin Klein glasses

      Leading American fashion brand was founded in 1968 NYC, and continues to make waves in design. With Calvin Klein glasses, you can expect varied designs that flatter a wide range of facial shapes. Not only that, but styles are made with high-quality materials to high-quality standards. This is long-lasting, durable eyewear with class and taste.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Look after your Calvin Klein glasses, and they’ll last a long time. We highly recommend

      cleaning them a few times a week with gentle soap and lukewarm water, taking notice to target areas that easily trap dirt and bacteria. Think rims, hinges, and the nose bridge. Lens cleaning solution in a spray bottle is another great option, especially when you’re out and about. Got smudges and marks on your lenses? These can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth. This is much softer than other textiles (including the tail of your shirt), so shouldn’t cause any accidental scratches in the process. Finally, keep your Calvin Klein frames in their case whenever you’re not wearing them. This will keep them safe, as well as protecting them from dust and accidental knocks.