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Blue Light Coatings - Why are they so important?

Blue Light Coatings - Why are they so important?


Adding a Blue Light Coating to your glasses is essential when you spend a lot of time looking at digital screens. Our eyes aren’t built to deal with the damaging light which screens emit and we now use digital screens so much as part of our daily work and home lives. We advise everyone to add blue light coatings to their lenses, even if you don’t need prescription glasses, as the damaging effects of blue light can be linked to insomnia and eyesight deterioration earlier on in life.

The light that enters the human eye is divided into visible and nonvisible light, which includes UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) light. Not only can this be damaging to our eyesight but it can also be damaging to our skin, which is why sunscreen and sunglasses are so important when we are outside. Blue-violet light has less energy than ultraviolet but can be still damaging to our eyesight as the light is absorbed by the front of your eye. This is where the importance of having a blue light coating on your glasses comes into play.

Digital devices are tablets, mobile phones, laptops, computers and even TV screens and they change the light we are exposed to as well as our visual behaviour. This can affect our vision in the long term. More and more children are becoming short-sighted in school - now often referred to as ‘school myopia’. And as a society, we are spending much more time looking at things “close up”. The background brightness is low on digital screens which can also be harmful. Digital eye strain and fatigue when using computers and phone screens for extended lengths of time are becoming common, leaving us with tired and itchy eyes. when working on your laptop for example.

So the best advice we have? Take frequent breaks from your screens throughout the day, looking up and away into the distance if possible. Even better would be the addition of a Blue Light Coating to give your eyes extra protection.

We have the most advanced lenses and coatings on offer at Fashion Eyewear, from all the most advanced optical brands such as Nikon, Essilor and Oakley. Here are the blue light coatings you can add to your prescription lenses or even just add to a clear lens for added eyewear protection at work!




With a Nikon Lens, you get a truly custom made experience for your personal prescription whether you need single vision or varifocal lenses. Nikon SeeCoat Blue is their bespoke coating for office workers or people who are on digital devices all day long.

Nikon SeeCoat Blue

Made for the digital age, Nikon SeeCoat Blue is a premium Nikon Coating equipped to deal with modern eye strain. Nikon SeeCoat Blue will filter out the blue light emitted from digital screens as well as other practical qualities:

Scratch Resistant


Smudge Resistant

The perfect coating for everyday use.



Oakley is actually one of our lead sports performance brands first established in 1975 and worn by top athletes ever since. But even sports brands see the importance of developing a filter which protects eye strain from digital screens, as even the most sport and outdoor lovers among us can spend too long on a mobile phone.

Oakley Stealth Blue

For the Oakley Blue Light Control, they have their own Stealth Blue. This coating is designed to reduce eye fatigue, combat dirt and smudges for sport and general life as well as reduce the harm of frequent digital screen use.



Essilor is a creative optical brand which creates lens solutions tailored to improve an individual's vision and lifestyle needs. Their mantra is “Our mission is to improve lives by improving sight”. Two of their lenses which we stock with Blue Light Coating features are Essilor Crizal Prevencia and Essilor Eyezen.


Essilor Crizal Prevencia

Not only does the Crizal Prevencia have the added Blue-Violet Light protection, but this coating also covers everyday use from every aspect of distance, driving, reading and occupation. This filter will help a lot with eye fatigue and eye strain when you are spending all day on your digital devices as well as getting on with other daily tasks.


Dust repellent - Clear vision and easy clean glasses.

Blue-Violet Light Protection - protects your eyes from harmful Blue-Violet light transmitted by digital screens.

Smudge resistant - Repels annoying smudges.

Glare reduction - aesthetically please and improved visual clarity.

Scratch-resistant - ensures longevity and clear vision.

Water repellent - clear lenses in all weathers.

UV protection.

Robust lenses.

Lenses look invisible to others - aesthetic qualities.


Essilor Eyezen

This lens is available to order by phone at Fashion Eyewear, so if you are interested in adding this to your prescription designer glasses please contact: +44 (0) 207 590 5500 and we can order it in for you.

This lens is perfect for the under 40’s who especially use their mobile phones a lot as well as other digital screens. This is the lens fit for modern-day life. This lens reduces and prevents eye strain however massively improves posture as you can look through the whole lens clearly, with just eye movement.

Other Features:

Sharp high-resolution vision.

Optimised for digital devices.

All our lenses are the best in the optical industry and whichever brand you choose will be of good quality, longevity and durability from an advanced eyewear brand.

We hope this guide helped you on the importance of adding a Blue Light Filter.