Dior Prescription Sunglasses

Defining elegance and style since 1946, the French couture fashion house Dior continues to be the ultimate symbol of excellence and luxury. Using only high quality genuine materials and skilled craftsman, the mostly feminine Dior sunglasses designs symbolise world class luxury with a fresh French twist. All frames are available with prescription.
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  1. Dior Gipsy 1
    Dior Gipsy 1
  2. Dior Ribbon 1N
    Dior Ribbon 1N
  3. Dior Society 4
    Dior Society 4
  4. Dior Street 1
    Dior Street 1
  5. Dior Society 2F Asian Fit
    Dior Society 2F Asian Fit
  6. Dior Attitude 1
    Dior Attitude 1
  7. Dior Homme AL13.15
    Dior Homme AL13.15
  8. Dior DDIORF Asian Fit
    Dior DDIORF Asian Fit
  9. Dior Homme Fraction 4
    Dior Homme Fraction 4
  10. Dior Link 2
    Dior Link 2
  11. Dior Homme Psychodelic
    Dior Homme Psychodelic
  12. Dior Homme Blacktie273S
    Dior Homme Blacktie273S
  13. Dior ID 1
    Dior ID 1
  14. Dior So Stellaire 4
    Dior So Stellaire 4
  15. Dior Cat Style Dior 2
    Dior Cat Style Dior 2
  16. Dior Cat Style Dior 1
    Dior Cat Style Dior 1
  17. Dior Direction 3F
    Dior Direction 3F
  18. Dior So Stellaire 1
    Dior So Stellaire 1
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