Cutler and Gross Glasses

Cutler and Gross Glasses

Cutler and Gross is a London-based high end fashion brand and is regularly featured in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Vanity Fair and their vintage and quirky eyewear designs are frequently worn on the catwalk. All handcrafted, from milling of the lens groove to the fitting of the hinges is what characterises the Cutler & Gross frame designs.

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      Cutler and Gross

      Explore luxury eyewear made with meticulous attention to detail with Cutler and Gross. Fusing innovation with a sharp sense of design, these are glasses for the discerning and the stylish.

      Cutler and Gross prescription glasses

      Cutler and Gross prescription glasses exemplify vintage-inspired designs with quirky touches. Think chunky framed aviators, cat eye options with contrasting temples, and slim metallic models with double brow bars. Be sure to look out for designs made from premium Italian acetate and Japanese titanium.

      The Cutler and Gross glasses frames collection

      Discover classic eyewear designs in our Cutler and Gross glasses frames collection. Including rounded frames made from high-quality acetate, and styles made from durable metal, the looks here are timeless and elegant. The models themselves don’t have names, but numbers. This gives the styles a quiet-yet-confident air of elegance, as well as an element of mystique.

      Find the brand’s gold foil logo inside the temples of each pair of frames.

      Why choose Cutler and Gross glasses

      Cutler and Gross is a London-based high end fashion brand, founded in 1969. All their glasses are handcrafted in Italy, from milling of the lens grooves to the fitting of the hinges. This care and attention clearly characterises the exceptional quality of their models.

      How to take care of your glasses

      Keep your Cutler and Gross glasses in top condition, and prolong their lifespan with a simple and regular care regime. We suggest cleaning your frames a few times a week with gentle soap and lukewarm water, taking notice to clean areas that easily trap dirt and bacteria.

      Lens cleaning solution in a spray bottle is another great option, especially when you’re on the go. Got smudges and marks on your lenses? These can be easily removed with a microfibre cloth. This is much softer than other textiles (including the tail of your shirt), so shouldn’t cause any accidental scratches in the process. We also recommend keeping your Cutler and Gross frames in their case whenever you’re not wearing them. This will keep them safe and protected from dust and accidental knocks.