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The Tag Heuer 27 Degree Sunglasses Collection

The Tag Heuer 27 Degree Sunglasses CollectionDesigned, manufactured and distributed by the French; the Tag Heuer brand is one of the most advanced sports eyewear brands currently available.

This brand sets standards when it comes to sports eyewear innovation and design quality. Every frame and style produced by the company has a unique and distinctive look that is instantly recognisable.

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Every product is rigorously trialled and tested to ensure that only the best designs will make it on to the high street. In this review, we will take a look at the complete series of the Tag Heuer 27 Degree sunglasses. At a quick glance, we will cover most aspects of the eyewear from design and features to functionality and wear ability. Tag Heuer is a high-end luxury brand that is only worn by elites; from the celebrity world including Tiger Woods, Clint Eastwood, and Cameron Diaz. The brand developed their first collection of avant-garde eyewear in 2002 but have been producing innovative time-pieces since the 1800's.

When you look at the design of the 27 Degree, there's no doubt that the ergonomic design and smooth, fluid appearance of the frame was meticulously thought about. The reason why the Tag brand had given this model its name is because the innovative hinge design. The actual hinge is only visible at a 27-degree angle, offering you a seamless eyewear model. The light yet resilient frame material is very durable, especially when compared to the quality of conventional designer sunglasses. The smooth frame material is great for adding comfort, allowing you to wear your sunglasses all day without any problems.

With a great selection of models to choose from the series, you are almost spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding which frame is right for you. As a sports-inspired brand, this model is also able to accommodate the needs of professional sportsmen/women or those who require sports-optimizing sunglasses. Several 27 Degree models have been designed for enhancing performance with water sports and golf. If you want to see contrasts of green better, opt for the green precision models or go for the outdoor models if you only require these sunglasses for general and daily use.