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Nikon SeeCoat Bright

Nikon SeeCoat Bright

With Nikon Prescription Lenses, you truly get a custom made experience manufactured for your personal prescription whether varifocal or single vision. The information given by your local optician can simply be added at the checkout after you have picked your favourite frames. Nikon then uses this information to create your personalised designer glasses.

Nikon SeeCoat Bright brightens your vision in any light conditions. This lens is recommended for people who want maximum lens protection as well as brighter and more vivid colour perception, both at night or dim light conditions!



Benefits of SeeCoat Bright:

  • Enhanced Colour Perception
  • Improved contrast
  • High Contrast with a boost in low light situations



The Nikon SeeCoat Bright is an innovative coating which enhances colour perception and transmission, especially in dim light conditions. Under dim lighting, the eyes perception of the red colour spectrum diminishes and colour transmission can vary or differ depending on the intensity of the light. This can become more noticeable with age, as over the age of 40 the crystalline lens ages which can cause loss of colour sensitivity. SeeCoat Bright supplements the transmission of red wavelengths which resulting in more natural colour perception and increased contrast.