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Go Skiing in the New Year with Oakley

Go Skiing in the New Year with Oakley

It's winter and coming up to 2020, the time of the year where skiing trips are the place to be. Whether you are in Andora, Austria or the French Alps, bring the New Year in style on the slopes. With Skiing comes a lot of expensive gear, from the boots, skis, thermals and appropriate eyewear. You want to look the part as well as be warm while having fun. However, when it comes to Eyewear we can help you out with luxury Skii proof glasses at an affordable price. We stock over 45 designer brands, some more sports-focused than others. Our top sports brands are Oakley, Maui Jim, Prada Sports, Nike and Lacoste. However, when it comes to winter sports, Oakley is the go-to eyewear for your festive getaway.

Oakley was first established in 1975 and acquired as a brand in 2007. They are one of the leading product design eyewear brands in the world with a focus on sports performance, often chosen by world-class athletes to perform at elite sporting events. Oakley is now the holder of more than 850 patents and as well as their sports performance frames they are established for their innovative lens technologies including PRIZMTM. A lens we also stock at Fashion Eyewear. Oakley has now branched out to not only eyewear but also offering apparel, accessories, and men and women's product lines for active, sporting, lifestyle consumers. If you are looking for Skii wear Oakley may be able to sort you out for your whole skiing outfits!

Oakley has innovative glasses available for several specific sports including; snow, ski, BMX, golf, motorsports, MTB, cycling, multisports, baseball, skate, surf and fishing. Which you can buy on Fashion Eyewear. However, for the current winter season, Snow and Ski sports are the most popular. Oakley focus on winter sports, especially at this time of year. They even have their own Instagram account called @Oakleyskiing dedicated to their skiing eyewear.

If you are shopping for Oakley Ski eyewear and not sure where to start we can help narrow down our top Skiing sunglass frames for you. For skiing you may prefer a large frame to protect your face as well as your eyes from the cold air and snow, however, this is a personal preference and smaller frames are also available for you to shop.

Oakley Latch

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL 009188

Oakley Jawbreaker 009290 with Prescription Sunglasses.

The Oakley Latch, Flax and Jawbreaker are three different sized frames however all appropriate to take away on a skiing holiday! If you are new to skiing taking a larger frame may be best for the extra protective coverage, however, avid skaters will know their personal preference of frame size!

We have Oakley prescription sunglasses available, so don't be put off ordering online if you need to add your prescription! We have a range of frames you can choose from and an easy step by step checkout you can follow to choose your personalised lenses and to add your prescription. If you haven't used an online optician yet you should try it now - hassle-free, easy to set up and your sunglasses are delivered to your door! You can add you prescription whether you need single vision or Varifocal. Oakley is known for their advanced optical technologies so they are the perfect brand to choose to add to your Oakley frames and for a sporting holiday.

After choosing your lens type we have a range of lens technologies for you to pick from:

  • Clear
  • Prizm
  • Polarised
  • Iridium
  • Non-Iridium
  • Transitions

We recommend choosing Prizm as that is Oakleys most advanced technology however click on the icons and they will explain each feature.

Once you have chosen these options simply add your prescription and use are on PD meter. Next, sit back and pack for your holiday while your glasses are delivered!



Fashion Eyewear is an online optician, therefore you can add your prescription to any of our eyewear whether they are a pair of sunglasses or optical. Simply shop our prescription sunglasses selection or glasses on our website. Choose your favourite frames and click 'add prescription'. Our simple step by step check out will help guide you through our lens packages, brands and choices. We have every lens type available to fit your needs, whether you need single vision, varifocal, distance or for driving. We also have the best lens brands for you to choose from Essilor, Nikon, Maui Jim, Ray-Ban, Oakley and our own Fashion Eyewear standard packages. After choosing your coatings, add your prescription and use our Fashion Eyewear Pupillary Distance Metre to measure your PD.