Nikon See Coat Plus UV Prescription Lenses


With Nikon Prescription Lenses, you truly get a custom made experience manufactured for your personal prescription whether varifocal or single vision. The information given by your local optician can simply be added at the checkout after you have picked your favourite frames. Nikon then uses this information to create your personalised designer glasses.

The Nikon See Coat Plus is an advanced clear protection technology with added UV protection.

We recommend the Nikon See Coat Plus if you use your glasses for everyday use, as it offers the ultimate lens protection, therefore adds to the durability and longevity of your lenses.


Benefits of the See coat Plus UV:

Scratch and dust resistant

Easy to clean and smudge resistant




2 times more scratch-resistant

Longer lens durability



Avoids dust accumulation on the lens

Reduces the frequency of lens cleaning



Easier to clean and keep clean




Optimised transparent

More nature look


Now to pick your glasses.


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